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Physx Cook TriangleMesh always get unexpected result

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The problem is this:
I have a rendering vertex set which will get a right result for rendering. But when i try to use Physx to Cook those vertices into a PxTriangleMesh it will always get unexpected result.
I wonder if is those vertices are too tough for Physx to cook into a right result.
I have tried many way to solve it including merging duplicated vertices but little improvement got.

This is the Cooking Paramters i set:
PxCookingParams params(scale);
params.meshWeldTolerance = 0.00001f;
params.meshPreprocessParams = PxMeshPreprocessingFlags(PxMeshPreprocessingFlag::eWELD_VERTICES | PxMeshPreprocessingFlag::eREMOVE_UNREFERENCED_VERTICES | PxMeshPreprocessingFlag::eREMOVE_DUPLICATED_TRIANGLES);

Is this is a commond problem or i just forgot something to set?
How to solve this problem?

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Here what I use to cook a triangle mesh collider :

// Set the triangle mesh desc.
physx::PxTriangleMeshDesc MeshDesc;
MeshDesc.points.count     = MeshVertices.GetSize();
MeshDesc.points.stride    = sizeof( physx::PxVec3 );      = &MeshVertices[ 0 ];
MeshDesc.triangles.count  = MeshIndices.GetSize() / 3;
MeshDesc.triangles.stride = 3 * sizeof( physx::PxU32 );   = &MeshIndices[ 0 ];

// Cook the triangle mesh.
physx::PxDefaultMemoryOutputStream WriteBuffer;
if( CEngine::GetPhysicsSystem().GetCooking()->cookTriangleMesh( MeshDesc, WriteBuffer ) == false )
  CEngine::GetLogger().LogError( "cookTriangleMesh failed" );
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