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Trying to debug Android NDK C/C++ files in Eclipse

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Just to state for the record, I have gotten native debugging working with a simple project. This problem is from trying to get my game engine to run on Android.


I'm almost there but I don't know what this problem is. Here's the error message.


warning: Could not load shared library symbols for 64 libraries, e.g. /system/bin/linker.


Here are the libraries it said it's couldn't load...

Syms Read   Shared Object Library
No          /system/bin/linker
No          libstdc++.so
No          libm.so
No          liblog.so
No          libcutils.so
No          libz.so
No          libtime_genoff.so
No          libutils.so
No          libbinder.so
No          libexpat.so
No          libcrypto.so
No          libicuuc.so
No          libicui18n.so
No          libsqlite.so
No          libssl.so
No          libnativehelper.so
No          libnetutils.so
No          libEGL.so
No          libwpa_client.so
No          libidd.so
No          libprotobuf-c.so
No          libhardware_legacy.so
No          libpixelflinger.so
No          libhardware.so
No          libui.so
No          libgui.so
No          libsurfaceflinger_client.so
No          libcamera_client.so
No          libemoji.so
No          libdrmframework.so
No          libskia.so
No          libGLESv1_CM.so
No          libskiagl.so
No          libdvm.so
No          libGLESv2.so
No          libETC1.so
No          libsonivox.so
No          libmedia.so
No          libnfc_ndef.so
No          libbluedroid.so
No          libdbus.so
No          libandroid_runtime.so
No          libvorbisidec.so
No          libstagefright_amrnb_common.so
No          libstagefright_enc_common.so
No          libstagefright_avc_common.so
No          libstagefright_foundation.so
No          libstagefright_color_conversion.so
No          libpostfilteredsource_impl.so
No          libsolsmetadataretriever.so
No          libstagefright.so
No          libmedia_jni.so
No          libexif.so
No          libsoundpool.so
No          libacc.so
No          libRS.so
No          librs_jni.so
No          libwtle.so
No          libtextrendering.so
No          libstlport.so
No          libwebcore.so
No          libandroid.so
No          liboverlay.so
No          gralloc.msm8660.so

I'm very confused by what it says it's missing.


In my Android.mk file, I do have these listed.

LOCAL_LDLIBS := -ldl -lGLESv1_CM -lGLESv2 -llog -landroid


I'm assuming there's some libraries I haven't defined somewhere that is somhow needed?


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Never mind. Thought this was the reason I wasn't able to debug the code. My simple test app does the same thing. Chances are I'm getting past my break point before the debugger has a chance to lock on perhaps.

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Did you set Application.mk for your CPU type ?


for example APP_ABI := armeabi-v7a or for all types of CPU APP_ABI := all


Looks like library for your CPU is not present inside apk.

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