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waveOut ....(it stinks, i know)

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well, the problem is, that i can''t get the right sound...some lozy noise just comes out /not the sound i''m trying to play)...i use waveOut funcs (and the odd reason why, is NT4.0 + DX !=good ) code is up: http://www.kivilinn.tartu.ee/z/ssystem.cpp http://www.kivilinn.tartu.ee/z/ssystem.h this forum is last place i knew to come to...i''ve spent weeks trying to figure out the problem...i''m desperate, please help... thanks (for at least reading this post) in advance...

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Too much code to see the problem straight away. I'd usually suggest checking the HRESULTS of all Wave functions, but seeing as the actual playback works okay, I would assume your error lies elsewhere. When you say 'noise', do you literally mean white noise? If so, then chances are that you are not sending correct buffers to the MM system. Use the debugger and check what buffers are being sent and received. Maybe send some simple code markers that can be easily indentified, such as 0xdeadbeef.

NT does support DirectSound, but only up to version 3.0. If all you are doing is playing simple sounds, this should suffice. You can use older versions by defining #define DIRECTSOUND_VERSION 0x0300 before you include the interface.

Edited by - Colin Barry on November 16, 2001 4:29:09 AM

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i've put up the program...maybe you'll just down & run it and hear for yourself....my idea is, that the sound gets somehow heavy acceleration...and this is, why there's just noise (not The Microsoft Sound.wav)
btw: the .wav file under /Data is not a usual wav...it begins with WAVEFORMATEX struct and is followed by waveform data...everything else is omitted.

and...the wave filtering program is: http://www.kivilinn.tartu.ee/z/main.cpp

take a look at it...maybe it's the source of problem

and: all MMRESULTS are ok...and thanks for the #define DIRECTSOUND_VERSION 0x0300

Edited by - _Z on November 17, 2001 6:37:40 AM

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