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iPlayuPay.com Platform

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Hi All,
I developed a platform that connect Game Owners with Core Players worldwide.

The platform support Web, Android, IOS and Windows games.

The unique platform allows Game Owners to pay players directly for playing & testing their game for specific time, completing game reviews, inviting friends and completing missions.
The interface is easy to use and transparent for Core Players and Game Owners.

Gaming industry facts
For most games owners it continuously daily fight to bring players to the games and more then this to try to make them stay long enough that they might love the game.
You pay a lot of money on advertising the games without much effect.

From our experience your advertising statistics are as following:
* For every $100 that you will spent on advertising your game will come 500-1000 visitors.
* From 500-1000 visitors in your game will register about 50-100 new players.
* From the 50-100 new players only 5-10 players will continue to play for the next day.
* Usually from the 5-10 players only 1-3 continue to play after one week and rarely one of them became Core Player.

Core Players are the gold in the gaming industry because they are players that come back daily to the game, helping by writing suggestions and ideas how to improve the game, reporting bugs, starting buzz on your game by inviting their friends and family and participating as members in the community.

Campaign example and pricing
I am looking for 1,000 Core Players from USA to play minimum 5 minutes daily in my game and at least 3 days, After 3 days playing I want they will fill game review and help me to promote the game by inviting friends and family to play.

My campaign settings:
Timed Play = Choose 3 Days
* I am willing to pay $0.01 for every day that a Core Player plays my game.
* The total price for Timed Play for 3 Days will be $0.03

Game Review
* If a Core Player played my game for 3 days, the option to complete a review will appear.
Every Core Player that completes a review will be paid $0.05

Invite Friends
* I enable the option of every Core Player that plays my game to invite 3 friends.
* I am willing to pay $0.07 for every verified friend that the Core Player recruits to my game.
* The Core Player can bring a maximum of three friends to the game, so the maximum payout will be $0.21
* A verified friend means that the friend played the game for at least 2 days using the platform.

Total: Every Core Player costs me $0.29
I specified that I need 1,000 Core Players, so the total price is $290.

What I will gain from the transaction?
1. I get 1,000 new targeted players that play my game for at least 5 minutes every day. (The system can verify that they have played my game if I use the API.)
2. I can get an extra 3,000 new players to play my game by asking my Core Players to invite their friends to the game.
3. I will have 1,000 game reviews from my Core Players and see what I need to improve in my game, what needs fixing, and what the players love about my game.
4. I can see clear statistics on everything and check every player separately.
5. Players can love my game and continue playing it for free after the campaign ends.
6. I have the option of sending messages inside the platform to all the players that played my game.
7. Core Players have the option of reporting problems about my game.
8. I can rate every Core Player that played my game and if I give a Core Player a rate of 1, then this Core Player will not see any future campaigns advertised by my company.
9. I gain a lot of new traffic from the platform and without many bouncing visitors.
10. Many Core Players are now familiar with my game and have started the buzz that I needed to promote my game.

The platform is ready for Game Owners and I am still working on the Core Players side.
Please join as game owner and add your games for free.
Also will be great to get from you feedback on the platform and I will reward you for adding the games with free 500 clicks for every game you will add. (Until the date 31.10.2015)

Please write me here games you added.
Platform link: http://www.iplayupay.com/
Thank you

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