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Word Fireworks - Learn Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Hebrew.

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Hi fellow game developers.

For the past year, I've been working on a learning game that teaches how to read and write CJK+Hebrew...with fireworks!


tumblr_nwl2e5bM6p1rpco88o1_400.gif  tumblr_nwl2e5bM6p1rpco88o2_400.gif  tumblr_nwl2e5bM6p1rpco88o4_400.gif

As a game design exercise, this one was all about keeping cognitive load low so the player could keep learning the new material, while maximizing the reward and delight coming out of the environment and UI.  Sparkles, explosions, and sparkly explosions!


For better or worse, this was a project that began small -- a mini-game to recognize Korean letters -- and grew as the game itself got more polished.  Learning letters turned into reading and vocab.  Male and female voice actors recorded native speaker pronunciations.  I already knew some Chinese and Japanese, so...languages were added!  From getting the correct stroke orders to programming how Hebrew is transliterated into English...this one had a ton of under-the-hood work for content.

I'd like to write up the whole evolution of this project. It actually began as a top-down voxel-world twin stick shooter.  That was a bit much to ask of the player on top of learning a new language.  But I thought the explosions were satsifying...  

Word Fireworks is free this weekend on IOS if you want to give it a spin: Learn Chinese version - Learn Hebrew version - Learn Japanese version - Learn Korean version has download links, video, and more info.


Feedback + questions welcome --


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