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Banner Ads are not coming up

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Hi All,

We recently published a game couple of days back and it is a free game available on google play store. We are having an issue with the banner ads. When we tested in APK the banner ads were coming correctly. But when we publish it on google play store, and when I download it from there we are not getting any banner ads.


Can someone please shed some light on this? What could be the reason for working in one place but not working in the other place? We are using AdMob.



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I'm tempted to shuffle it to Mobile forum, but we'll see what response there is here in the more general forum.

It could be any number of things, both on your client's side, your program's side, and the ad provider side. Maybe something is blocking the connection, the network itself or ad blockers. Maybe your code is using some developer keys or credentials that are not for public use. Maybe the provider triggered a fraud prevention system, or maybe they are struggling to fill the ad requests in a timely manner, or maybe something else entirely.

I'd contact your ad company and determine if the requests are coming in properly, operating on the initial assumption that you did something incorrect with the public launch.

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