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Unity How to jump start my new strategy MMOG

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Hello all,


I am an ICT dinosaur and I've always been busy with implantation and project management for business software. A long long time ago I used to be a programmer, but that was in the character based Xenix/Unix era using 3rd generation languages. So I do know my way around but I can not call myself a good programmer. Especially not in modern programming languages.


But I am eager to diving into it again because I have this game plan that has been keeping me busy (and awake for many nights) for a few years now. So I decided that I am going to build that game and now i'm investigating on how to get started, or even to get jump started.


The game concerns an MMO like Travian, Forge of Empires, Grepolis, etc.

Off course it should run in any browser and on mobiles and it should support many thousands of simultaneous players


Now my question is: Are there any Open source gaming engines that could help me get jump started? I would need a game engine that for example supports a map, villages with buildings, building with levels, armies, battles, in game messaging/chat, etc.

It would be great if I can change/extend the code where needed to support all the cool functions I designed and it would be great if there is a community or good wiki and/or forum.


I have been looking at www.worldforge.org

Does anyone know this or do you have better suggestions or tips for me?


Thanks a lot in advance!!






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FOr what you are trying to do? Not really. Also A good number of the games you mentioned aren't really MMOs. They are more like random server matching.

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If you're thinking of making a web based multiplayer game, there aren't really engines for it. However if you pick a good web framework such as asp.NET mvc, or firephp, cakephp etc and you set up your database correctly there is no reason you can't produce a web based game capable of hosting many thousands of players at once. It is much easier than realtime 3D games.


Stick to turn based gaming. These are easier and have a constant draw of people coming back every tick to do things, it keeps the player base alive and avoids peak times and lulls in the user count, giving everyone an equal advantage worldwide 


Your problem comes in the form of support, continual development of content and promotion. You do not want a game that is a ghost town where nobody is there to play with. You also don't want a game where cheaters, abusers and griefers run rampant with no staff to turn to and you need fresh features to keep people entertained. 


I've written such games in the past and writing the game was easy and took me about a year. What was harder was bringing in and keeping a user base happy.


If you need more info from me, just ask! smile.png

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