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Sandbox Adventure, HTML5 visual novel engine

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I've been working on an RPG engine for the game Wind Fortress and it is already advanced enough to make visual novels. It is called Sandbox Adventure Engine (SAE).

One of my favourite feature is an automatic importer from Ren'Py, the main visuel novel engine. Of course, it is not a "one-click" conversion, but most of the process is automated, leaving only "few" things to be done manually. Thirty virtual novels have already been translated. You can check the result on the engine website.

For now, I am the only one able to create project, but it would be great if anybody could do it one day. But there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve that. Since it is not yet open source (not that I don't want to share it but it is such a big mess!), I'm planning to add an exporter to Ren'Py so all projects made with SAE will be fully exportable to Ren'Py in almost one click. Authors that will chose to create a visual novel with SAE won't be dependant of my framework.


i've made a quick demo explaining a little bit more what Sandbox Adventure can do.
The asset manager and the story editor of this demo are accessible HERE.
You can find the documentation HERE.

SAE has been tested on Firefox, Chrome, IE9+ and Safari. It is responsive hence compatible with smartphone. There are still many things to be done and I will post any advancement on this thread.

I hope you will like it. Don't hesitate to report bug if you find any!

The showcase is available here: http://sandbox-adventure.com

PS: even if I hope one day to make money with games I develop with SAE, the engine is not a commercial project in itself. All converted games fully belong to their authors and are accessible for free.

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The first four stories: Wanted: Dragon, Magical Otoge CielFetish: Wanted and Fest-off!




Chrysandra is the crowned princess of Novaria, but she is not first in line for the throne. To rectify that grave injustice she has decided to get even with the whole kingdom and get a dragon to help her in her mad grab for power (or in burning the place to the ground).

Of course procuring a dragon for her evil schemes is not always easy, and with a do-gooder mage hindering her, she might have to think about very crafty ways to get what she wants.

Will she succeed? Will she fail? Will she fall in love?


The game has over 28,000 words and 9 different endings.





Ciel is a princess who has never been allowed to leave her kingdom. Along with her loyal knight and bodyguard, she decides to follow her dreams of seeing the world.

It’s a very pure story so expect fluff, but know there is mild blood for a short time in the game.



It is the longest converted novel yet, with 53,771 words and 3 endings.




A Fetish's spin-off game that can be played without having seen the previous games.

It has 5 endings and 7,835 words.

Set in a high school alternate universe, Hexia received a letter from Vier's high school principal, requesting her to interview some students for a reason unstated. Bored as she always is, she accepted the request without hesitation and her poor butler, Cain, got dragged along.





An Hakuoki fan game. It has 2 endings and 3,161 words.

Many know that Shinpachi and Yamazaki from Hakuoki don't have routes and IDEA FACTORY has released mini games with these characters, but we wanted something more.

That's where Fest-off comes in, a non-profit fan-made linear game by two fans. You attend a festival celebration with your choice of Shinpachi or Yamazaki and have fun plus fluffy moments that are written true to the characters from the game.





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There are several new features:

  • normal, fast and ultra-fast skipping (respectively ctrl, ctrl+shift and ctrl+>)
  • text history in case you skipped to much text icon_wink.gif (F2)
  • in game shortcut list (F1)

Moreover, Melos in now available on Sandbox Adventure.

Picture Archaic Greece.

A strange and ambivalent time and land. Most of the country is uncivilized, a chain of city-states, yet the isles on the other side of the sea have been colonized. Socrate's great-great-grandfather is not born yet, but art is flourishing and the Odyssey a scholar classic. Many conceptions about Ancient Greece are already true, but much more are not, for the best and the worst.

Melos is a short story about the relationship between two young women in this blooming world, with poetry, paintings and other art forms the ancient Greeks were fond of.


Enjoy the game, that was made for YuriJam 2015.



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My Cup of Coffee in now available on Sandbox Adventure.


You are the owner of Cafe Latte.

When two of your regular customers seem in a bit of relationship trouble, will you be able to uncover what is really happening?

Will you save their relationship?



It has 3 endings and 6,143 words.


The game is very atypical since the player successively interrogates several characters. There is no route to take, just many (many) questions. It was very difficult to convert because of its highly extensive use of calls but after days of really hard work, I finally nailed it cool.png



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Fairly Dangerous in now available on Sandbox Adventure.


We've seen it before: human gets put in a new fantasy environment and the natural world helps enlighten him to the harshness of an industry.


But what happens when the opposite takes place? Five tiny fairy friends are about to find out. Hiding in a hiker's backpack, they get taken away from the Enchanted Forest they call home and taken to a rank apartment. Now they have to avoid hazards like microwaves, rat traps, and more. Can you make it out of this fairly dangerous place alive?


This is a dark comedy visual novel with horror and tragicomedy elements. This is not for the squeamish.




  • 12k words
  • 16 Endings
  • Pretty Fairies
  • Cruel Deaths
  • Many Ways to Die, Few Ways to Survive


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Major changes on the website: http://sandbox-adventure.com/


Each game has now its own description page and have tags.
You can like a game and write feedback, as long as they are positive and/or constructive.


Sharing the game with your friends is now really easy thanks to new share buttons.
In addition to the Facebook and Twitter pages, there is now a Tumblr: http://ninesquarezone.tumblr.com/

Don't hesitate to follow me on the social media if you want to be kept inform of all new games releases.


As I say on the website: creating games on Sandbox adventure is highly time-consuming and 100% volunteer. What is keeping us going? Having players and nice feedbacks, of course! So, do not hesitate to share the games and leave constructive feedbacks, here or on Sandbox Adventure.


Thank you!

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The One in LOVE is now available on Sandbox Adventure.


It is a short kinetic Sci-Fi novel made for NanoRenO 2014. It is 4,872 words long


In a distant or not so distant future, an unemployed teacher decides to venture into space to make enough money to save the life of his wife. While he's on a mission to extract minerals from a distant asteroid, the central computer of the spaceship alerts our spaceman that the three gynoid robots on board may have a malfunction and that they can enter at any time in what is called a state of "loss of vital extensions", or LOVE, for short. Of course you know that on stories of this kind things are never what they seemed to be.

This is a short (19 days work, about an hour playing time) graphic (visual) novel telling the story of Rashad, and why he is a man like no other in the whole universe.



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Locked Heart is now available on Sandbox Adventure.


It was inspired by the story of Goldilocks with small hints of Beauty and the Beast. It has 6 endings and 66,393 words.


Once upon a time, the d'Lockes, a prestigious family, became the receivers of a terrible curse. No one has heard of them since then. Seven years later, their mansion remains standing in the dark forest with no signs of life inside. Nobody even dares to go near it. Until one day, a girl named Aura stumbles across the house, and is greeted by a family of... talking plush toys?!


Join Aura as she struggles to find out the truth behind the curse and break it.





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Diving in Deep is now available on Sandbox Adventure.


When underwater archaeologist, Quinn, discovers an artifact in the ruins she is exploring just offshore, she doesn’t realise the significance of it. At least, not until she comes face to face with the owner of the artifact… who happens to have a tail. Introduced to the world of the Merpeople, Quinn must keep the exciting discovery quiet in order to protect their secrets, all whilst dealing with new feelings that are stirring towards her merman guide, Merrik.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, she must contend with the persistent interference of a dangerous treasure hunter searching for his next big prize.

And Quinn is all too aware that the Merpeople would be his perfect target.


The game has 6 endings and 19,472 words.





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