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Playniax next generation 2D games framework introduction

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Greetings all,

I would like to announce to this community Pyro, our next generation framework for building 2D games and other interactive graphical driven applications.

Pyro is based on the awesome cross-platform Monkey X programming language and anticipating the arrival of Monkey X2!

Monkey + Pyro can compile for WINDOWS, OSX, LINUX, IOS, ANDROID, HTML5!

Pyro main features

  • Screen manager and screens
  • Scenegraph with sprites, shapes (polygon, rectangle, ellipse), tiles, dynamic lights (point and shape), shadow casting and fog
  • Tile engine ( orthogonal, isometric and isometric staggered tile maps )
  • Tiled map editor importer / converter
  • Scene loader
  • Virtual controllers ( joystick and joypad )
  • Render to texture
  • Splash / loader screen
  • Skinnable GUI system ( layer, image, button, label, progress bar, input box and light )
  • Generic particle system
  • Delta timer class
  • Storage system for saving game data
  • Collision / score system
  • Highscore manager
  • Bitmap fonts + TTF font exporter
  • Object pooling
  • Content manager
  • Texturepacker support
  • Common code library
  • Sound effects library
  • BASE 64 encoding / decoding
  • XML loading / saving
  • Tons of extra commands and functions

Pyro is a young engine but comes with a rich set of source code files, templates, documentation and examples. The next couple of months I will be adding more!

A world editor and particle editor are also in the making!

Visit our website for more information!

The Playniax team.

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New version up!
This version has support for font machine, more helpers for setting up virtual resolutions, mouse translations and to setup horizontal and vertical splitscreen games.

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New version up!

• Improved docs
• Bananas folder has moved (not in the docs folder anymore)
• Added new title screen template
• Added prLabel, a simple text object to the scene graph (use text as sprite)
• Added SetOverlay to prCamera and prGuiLayer
• Added prGuiTextField
• Added SetForbiddenChars and ForbiddenChars properties to prGuiInputBox

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New version up!


• Added prDrawLine - Can use an image to draw a line
• Added prLine to scene graph
• Added pixel perfect collision module
• Added OnChange method and 'Changed' event to prGuiInputBox
• Added OnEnterKey method and 'EnterKey' event to prGuiInputBox
• Added SetAllowedChars and AllowedChars properties to prGuiInputBox
• Added SetLockedX and SetLockedY to the virtual joystick to lock axis
• Added the 'debug' command prRotateDevice to simulate the rotation of a device (glfw only!) Example can be found in the platformer demo!
• Added GetConfig(index), GetFont(index), GetFrames(index), GetImage(index), GetSound(index) and GetString(index) to the content manager

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The number 1 framework for MOJO2 just got a lot better!


Pyro v1.01l is up!


This is a fairly big update!


I have added a way to draw 'directly' to a layer or layers DrawLists making it possible to draw behind ( background ) or on top of ( overlay ) layer objects or entities.
This way your app benefits from the scene graphs features such as virtual resolutions, sprites, tiles, etc. without losing the freedom of 'free drawing'.
These DrawLists can be static (baked) or dynamically
With this new feature it became very easy for me to add Spine support and Box2D. Actually, any type of third-party module or your own stuff can be easily drawn / rendered to a Pyro layer.
For convenience I have also added a DebugDrawList to the layers ( always on top of the layer ) 
Examples on how to use the DrawLists have been added to 'bananas\e03_engine\e09_layer_drawlists'

I have also added a simple pathfinding module and 2 pathfinding examples one of them being a Pacman style 'game'.


Here is a 'complete' list of new stuff


• Added Box 2D physics! (No RUBE importer yet!)
• Added Spine and examples on how to use it with the Pyro scene graph ( Playniax / Skn3 Spine module )
• Added simple pathfinder module and example
• Added simple Pacman-ish demo using the pathfinder
• Added SetEntitiesDrawListIndex, GetEntitiesDrawListIndex and DrawList to prLayer for drawing 'directly' to layers!
• Added DebugDrawList to prLayer for drawing debug information
• Fixed prLabel displaying 'hello world' no matter what text you set (?!)
• Fixed some issues with reflection
• Moved fontmachine module from thirdparty folder to modules root


I have moved some things around om my to do list mainly because I don't expect Monkey 2 to be 'production' ready as fast as I thought.

The next things I will have a look at is adding the RUBE importer to Pyro and getting the new GUI module ready for release.


Also keep your eyes open for new demos and examples.

Edited by Playniax

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So here is an early attempt for a Pyro source code library like I am already doing for Ignition X


I will prettify the index page later :)


I have uploaded just a few examples (box2D, pathfinding and Spine) mainly for testing. I am already aware of some shader errors showing up in the browsers console but the examples seem to work nevertheless. I will have a look at this later.


The idea about this source code library is to update it frequently with new stuff even between Pyro updates.

Edited by Playniax

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Pyro v1.01m up! ( for Monkey 1 )
Small but necessary update:
• Added SetInvincible and Invincible to the score collector
• Fixed tiled importer problem with multiple tilesets from tsx file
• Updated to use the latest Spine module with latest fixes
And I have added a new platormer demo to the online source code library:
Click on 'New/Another platformer' ( hit mouse or space ingame to have the monkey start walking )
More Pyro demos here
Edited by Playniax

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Pyro v1.01n for Monkey X is up! 

• Added simple highscore manager
• Added proper group object support to scenegraph
• Optimized the tiled importer for speed gain!!!
• Reworked gui system ( borrowed some code form Pyro for Monkey2 )
• Added proper group object support to gui system
• Added sliders to gui system

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