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AppWarp in theoretic view

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It is the first time, that I'm working on a multiplayer mode to my game, so maybe this is reason why I so many questions have. So, I have read all the existing tutorials(also YouTube videos), but have some questions.(Because libgdx has already changed a lot since tutorials have published.)

  1. How should a project folder structure look like? Which packages should I add to my android folder in libGDX project?

  2. My existing single player game has 2 different roles. One for player and one for computer, with different motivations. It is a graph based game, they all playing by signing its vertices with two different colours.(The game has a mathematic base, a graph algorithm.) So, in this way all the two players codebase should be the same?

  3. Maybe I need a screen with some listeners for the multiplayer game, and that is all? Can you please tell me some basics, about building this screen?

libGDX's changed project structure make it hard and complicated to interpret older AppWarp tutorials

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You can add App42MultiPlayerGamingSDK.jar file in build.gradle file as a dependency in your libgdx project,
dependencies {    
compile files('libs/App42MultiPlayerGamingSDK.jar')   
AppWarp listeners can be managed as explained in this tutorial
In Game scene whenever you play your turn you can send turn data with sendMove/sendChat/sendUpdatePeers API and on the ends you will be getting the data in the corresponding listener callbacks. You just need to update your game as per the data received in the callback.
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Let me know if you need more helps in game integration.
Thanks. Edited by Tom Sloper
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