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Problem with reconstruced WorldPosition

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Somthing is wrong..  but i don't know what.... 
-store WorldViewDistance to R32_F
-Fullscreen Quad (Positions x InvViewProjection)-WorldCamPos to get WorldRay (I'm Using Fullscreen Triangle)
-Normalize Ray
-Scale Ray by Distance from R32_F
-add WorldCamPos
Save Length

Out.vpos   = mul(pos,WorldView).xyz;

Out.ldepth = length(vpos.rgb);

FSTriangle VertexShader

struct VS_OUT
	float4 pos 	: SV_POSITION;
	float2 tex 	: TEXCOORD0;
  	float4 vray     : TEXCOORD1; 

VS_OUT VShader(uint ID : SV_VertexID)
	 VS_OUT Out;

 	float4 p = float4(0,0,0,1);
	float2 t = float2(0,0);
 	p.x = (float)(ID / 2) * 4 - 1;
 	p.y = (float)(ID % 2) * 4 - 1;

 	t.x = (float)(ID / 2) * 2;
	t.y = 1 - (float)(ID % 2) * 2;
 	float4 v = float4(p.x, p.y, 1, 1); //ndc (at the back of cube)
               v = mul(v,InvViewProjection);
               v.xyz -= CamPosition.xyz;
 	Out.pos = p;
	Out.tex = t;
	Out.vray= v;
	return Out;

GBuffer part

// Normalize the view ray, and apply the distance to reconstruct position 
float3 viewRay = normalize(vray); 
float  viewDistance = Source2; //F32 Texture 
float3 positionWS = CamPosition + viewRay * viewDistance; 

But if i write the position and the reconstructed position to ColorTargets, they are not the same



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What happens when you remove this bit: "v.xyz -= CamPosition.xyz;" at line 26?


edit: my bad - thought you were doing this in view space.

Edited by eppo

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ok.. i can't get it to work like that.. so my way:

- save viewpos.z to R32_Float Target
- Draw Fullscreenquad\Triangle and get ViewVec (multiply position * InvProjection in VertexShader)
- Scale ViewVec by saved viewpos.z

That's it !

so i'm moving light calculation to ViewSpace.. that's easy and cheap..

multiply ViewPos with InvViewMatrix to get WorldPosition

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Out.vpos = mul(pos,WorldView).xyz;
Out.ldepth = length(vpos.rgb);


I don't think this is correct. You're storing the length of the view space coordinates, but not the depth (or does WorldView also include the projection matrix?).


Instead, try taking the W component of your projected screen position and scale it by your far plane (hpos.w / farDistance). Then multiply that result with your camera ray (don't normalize the ray). The end result should just be lindepth*camRay+camPos.


At least, this is off the top of my head, been a while since I implemented it.

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I think you should divide v by w right after line 25 multiplication, like

v = mul(v,InvViewProjection);
v.xyz = (v.xyz / v.w) - CamPosition.xyz;

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