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What are your favourite features in games?

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Are there any features that you really like in any games, recent or old, if they are small things like reflections from water or big things like weapons or cars? Any features are welcome.


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* In the space sim genre. X series which are on release very rough unfinished daimonds. The got in second third sequell this boarding fearure in bit abstract way. Which was very cool to do. As I remember it could be it came with a feature packed update.

* In spacesim genre. Where you could walk around your space craft in FPS mode like in masseffect3 normandy but then not in third person. And have space sim where you roam into the game universe.
Star Citizen is implementing that with there multi crew feature.

* In the space sim genre the capitalship gameplay instead fighter focus most space sims have.
Like running up to a Carrier.

* In the FPS genre in Mplay small arms need to be balanced that the connection with reality is lost oe so way off. In co- op or singleplayer games balanse have more room to follow reality bit more. Then with stamina and inertia you get unnatural unreal fastpace speed out of it. Accuracy based on movement and also stamina. With supression fire and complex fire arm simulation. It get more slower pace gameplay.

* In whatever genre a side kick or support that do the borring stuf or when the gameplay get so multitasking beyound what average human could handle.
For space sim with multi crew schips a copilot.
For space dogfighter a wingman.
In large sandbox FPS game a AI NPC driver or pilot in the team.

* FPS game a inventory mule system. A squad got this little remote vehicle that follow the squad with the heavy gear and ammo on it. Think it was older ghost recon game.
In modern Us army recon sniper the squad could be up to 6 man team for that reason. That could be a alternative.

* genre merging. For space game. Fighter, multicrew, carrier RTS style , planetside driving but not racing and even shutle air to ground combat. FPS on ship and on landing on top RPG and crew game

* technical feature I do like or prefere the more photorealistic render feel or theme. But I would like that game world but also objects act realistic. So less static and fine grain of interactic.
Space genre highly detaild and destructable spacecraft and stations. For games with structures also destructable. Terrain does deform by heavy bombs.

* For FPS the gore of title like soldier of fortune. Yes go for 21++ games

* sex in games. Well if my inspiration for the space genre is scifi movies and series. There is often some hot female role in it. So side kick or copilot could have that role 21++ game. With lot physics and testalation and photorealistic rendering.

* sandbox vs corridor, i more prefere something in between but I do play both. In sandbox sometimes I got lost but like the freedom, in corridor it to Restricted but you know where to go to. So a liniair story in a sandbox with freedom to go to objective and even choose the playstyle you like best to handle it. For FPS it would be the first part of original Crysis that was great. Desorientation would be the alien core the middle fase that bad. Last fase with strong aliens, bad most weapons become useless.
So that from the top of my head.

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Hello Sammy54322,

Your question basically invites everybody to dump their favorite features, which means you get pretty much all features that any game at any time had.

I don't know much about game design, but wouldn't it be simpler to start from a more general idea and concept, and then select features which fit in the idea?
You'd get a feature set that is somewhat coherent (hopefully).

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It also not clear if the question is aimed at gamers or devs? My reply before is from my gamers perspective. From novice wannabe dev. Just starting for years. The key to sucses is to keep it simple and start small. So I go for more less complex genre depending on features based on specific technology. Network online and big fearure MMO is not something to start with. But that means you probaly need AI. How ever with splitscreen even AI and network could avoided.
Animation terrain and very abstract render theme. So for me I stick to a very barebone feature tight smal game demo. And iterate and add features in logical dependency order.

My feature wishes fit more triple A projects, but I need to start from bottom small one man hobby projects.

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