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OpenGL multiple vertex arrays and one shader program

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Hello community,


I'm experimenting a bit with vertex arrays, buffers and shaders. Because there was an option in glGenVertexArrays() that i can generate more than 1 vertex array, so i thought why not using 1 vertex array for 1 object, 3 vertex arrays for 3 objects etc.


My plan:


  • Objects
    • arrays which stores vertexes, normals and colors
    • vertex array object generated with glGenVertexArray() and bound with glBindVertexArray()
    • vertex buffer, normal buffer and color buffer generated, bound and stored with glBufferData()
    • array for transformation matrix
    • shader program to be used (compiled, attached and linked in Renderer)
    • render function which binds vertex array and uses shader program of this object
  • Renderer
    • basic GL (glClearColor()) settings when rendering in window
    • array for viewing and projection matrix
    • vertex and fragment shader compiled
    • shader program attached with vertex and fragment shader
    • render loop which renders Objects

Programming everything in one go (like you see in any OpenGL 3.3+ Tutorial) works fine (beautiful cube), but I don't see any objects in the window with the same verteces, normals colors and shaders. Is it possible that I need to bind a vertex array so that i can link a shader program?



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