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Alone in the Universe - simple browser game

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I made a simple browser game - this is just the beginning so maybe someone is bored at the moment and want to help/test/play.
Game is kind of iddler or clicker placed in space theme.
Something like Astro Empires, Ogame or Rebuild the Universe.
Pretty boring for a regular gamer - more for endless growth game funs (Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes, AdVenture Capitalist... etc.)
If you like this game - feel free to comment, report bugs, ideas.
At first most important is to balance the game (resources/building cost/time).
Thank in advance

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Version 2.0 released
- form moons and increase resources income
- tasks (achievements)
- 20 new Mega Discovery
- Master Points increasing limits
- Galaxy:
- searching for planets to create life from 55.000 available
- terraforming, evolution, civilization, attack hostile planets
- new artefacts
- chat
- much better game balance
No e-mail registration!!!

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is it written in php? what design patterns did you use for it?


is it turn based or time based?


is there a politics system?


is there a devloper log? its interesting to know how long dose it take to make somthing like that and what are the hardest parts.

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The game uses php+mysql, graphics comes from free internet resources, design in my own.

It's time based.

Politics? I'm not sure I understand the question... If you mean politics in the game there isn't any. This is basically solitary game with a little players interaction and achievement comparison.

I made this game all by myself. Took me like 2 months for base version 1.0 + 1 month for all upgrades.

Hardest part was game balance and new ideas.



The is v2.2 already with collection and some other new stuff.

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I like it a lot. Cool graphics and nice to have some "multiplayers feelings".



I think the Galaxy Tab is a bit confusing : Scour / TEC / Destroyers have the "Send" buttons enabled, but I can't send those anywhere.

(ex: for TEC it points on empty list)

-----> Ok, reading the GUIDE helps a lot ;)

Edited by skarab

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This looks great!

It reminds me of darkgalaxy, just without pvp.

I'm going to keep my eye on this one :)

Good luck!

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