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High speeds in sidescroller games

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I'm making a high speed side scroller called Rayburst. Since some of the characters are exceptionally fast, the screen size accommodates a wider view of the level, allowing for a better look at upcoming enemies or obstacles. The game's development caused the size of the characters in relation to the screen to change twice over the course of development.


Thus, resulting in two view modes that are interchangeable during gameplay, one closer up to the character, and the other from farther away. The first view would work well if the game had the speeds of more classic sidescrollers, and it still works for the slowest character in the game. The other view is pretty much a must at high speeds to enjoy the game.


I'm thinking of just making it auto-adjust to zoom out mode when an enemy is within 1000 units of the player, or probably make auto/manual toggle in options.


Some gameplay showing the fastest character in game. His speed is from moving in linear bursts, and lacks any control during each burst as a drawback.


The slowest character in the game for comparison. Some players noted that the speed she plays at "feel right".


Her pro are her strong ranged moves and a shield ability, as well as having the highest defense in the game at a whopping 190{the lowest defense among the heroes is 30.)


The second fastest character in the game, but with only 1/3 the top speed of the fastest character at 50mph, however, she has immense agility, thus perfect control over that speed, and able to make tight turns in mid-air, dodge attacks by a hair, as well as fly circles around the enemy.


And a character with balanced stats, but ranged attacks. His top speed is close to that of the 2nd fastest character, but he lacks acceleration, thus his actual combat speed most of the time will be around 37mph.


He's the most used character out among those who've played the game. Players have said that he is cool and mysterious.


Anyway, the game is meant to be a high speed sidescroller. My inspiration are my aspirations from the sega genesis days, of wishing the characters would be able to make speedier maneuvers, or be able to have more flight ability than the limitations set on many a sidescroller games I played back in the day.


As well as reflect some game design ideas I've had accumulated in notes over the years, before finally taking the route of actual game development.


Some more info on the characters in the vids, with info on their stats and moves:


Grafto the Knight:


Princess Pif:




Phreit Nor:

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