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loop: for(....) {... continue loop; ....} doesn't work

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To demonstrate the problem I have at the moment, consider this simple code. continue loop; discontinues and skips that iteration.

loop: for(int i= 0 ; i < 5; i++){
  continue loop;

will print


For code below, area of interest -:   loop: for ( ... ),  continue. and the print code Log.v(...)

Basically, if  "_rels/.rels" is found that loop should exclude the rest of that iteration and "i" should NOT be 0 at "after" print. But strangely, as the output shows, this didn't happen - the loop did not skip, why?


What code do I add to make sure when the String "_rels/.rels"  is found the iteration jumps to the next?  (not break; as i'm not looking to break out of the loop, I just need to skip that iteration and go to the next).  Many Thanks

      public void unzip() { 
        try  { 
          FileInputStream fin = new FileInputStream(_zipFile); 
          ZipInputStream zin = new ZipInputStream(fin); 
          ZipEntry ze = null; 
          loop:for ( int i=0 ;(ze = zin.getNextEntry()) != null ; i++ ) { 
            Log.v(offset, "Unzipping before continue " + i + "  "+ ze.getName());
            if( ze.getName() == "_rels/.rels" ) continue loop; 

            Log.v(offset, "Unzipping after  continue " + i + "  "+ ze.getName()); 
	            if(ze.isDirectory()) { 
	            } else { 
	              FileOutputStream fout = new FileOutputStream(_location + ze.getName()); 
	              for (int c = zin.read(); c != -1; c = zin.read()) { 
        } catch(Exception e) { 
          Log.e(offset, "unzip", e); 



11-27 04:06:21.073: V/offset(16671): Unzipping before continue 0  _rels/.rels
11-27 04:06:21.073: V/offset(16671): Unzipping after  continue 0  _rels/.rels

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Seriously, stop hammering the Post button if it doesn't work right away.


This looks like Java. So the problem probably is the string comparison with the literal. Use this:


if ( ze.getName().equals( "_rels/.rels" ) ) continue loop;

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Many thanks.

I will try that now


(yeah, the site 's been so sticky lately)




Edit:  forgot to update;  if ( ze.getName().equals( "_rels/.rels" ) ) continue loop Work perfectly well

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Note that using == on Strings may appear to work sometimes, this is very likely due to how Java handles String *literals*, which are often de-duplicated to reduce memory usage. Strings loaded from an external source do not get this behaviour.

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