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Unity Help with theory of loading assets in memory with Unity.

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Hello people i am working on a project that doesnt use standard unity asset pipeline,

im loading meshes not from bundles but from folders, building database of all assets.


Currently i do it like this -

1. load game

2. read through all folders, find definition files

3. if definition uses mesh, i convert .obj to .cache which is bitstream, it loads faster

4. in game on runtime when that particular object is met, i create a GameObject as mesh container,

and then instantiate that mesh and provide it to object that requested it.


Now this causes one problem - load time. Mesh deserialization/build and deployment even for small meshes can take

so significant ms, despite all my optimizations, so right now before i continue doing something stupid, i want someone

who has experience to share some ideas on what would be the best approach.


Additional info:

all objects in game are loaded from directories, this is done because of "open architecture" paradigm we use (mods etc)

the game is massive open world, and done in one scene, so simple "preload per level" will not work.

I will be happy still to hear ideas on preloading into memory and what kind of problems i can run up into.


Thank you!



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I'm not sure what you mean with point 3, but from the rest some points:


- make sure you use binary .obj or even better some custom format which requires almost no conversion for feeding into Mesh objects 

- pool GameObjects as creating them is expensive

- pool Mesh objects and use MarkDynamic() (never tried this but should save overhead) 

- creating mesh colliders is expensive, unfortunately there is not workaround for this as Unity does not support mesh collider cooking


If you're feeling brave you could move your data loading to native C++ if the loading is the bottleneck.

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