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What's the best way to learn app development

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I have my certification as a graphic designer and I want to use my skills to become an app developer but I'm not sure what route to take.

I was thinking about taking computer science courses at a community college, but I'm not good at math. I can get it done, but it takes tutoring and a much longer time than allowed in a classroom setting.

What programming languages should I learn? I know some html and Css (though I'm not good at implementation of these languages) and I've studied a bit of Java. Programming seems to be so abstract to me.

Any advice? I know it will take many many years to get a grasp on programming and app development, but like all good things it seems to be worth it.

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You will find math easier when you have a use for it, so don't worry about that too much.  Besides for most game development, the level of math really isn't all that high.  Now if you are creating physics engines or your own renderers, different story.


Programming language really doesn't matter, it really.  Pick something and jump in.  If it makes sense to you, just keep building on what you learned.  If you struggle with it, come one back and tell us why you struggled and we can suggest a better fit in language.


Personally for learning I think a language/environment that is direct in it's feedback is a good choice.  Things like Stencyl or Lua/LOVE, where you can type a few lines of code and see an immediate result, are perfect for learning.  JavaScript is another great choice, but that language has some nasty warts and the browser DOM sucks donkey ba.... it's bad.



Since you already have a bit of HTML5 down, perhaps JavaScript + Phaser ( are a GREAT way to start.

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