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JPEG - Color problems

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Hi! There was no answer in the "visual arts" forum - so i will try it at "Game programming": I am using directx7. I load my .bmp-graphics - all works well. But if i load the same graphics (using NViewLib.dll) as .jpg, it seems that black (my colorkey) is not really black. For example around yellow colors there are a lot of pixels that appears not transparent. I use Adobe photoshop to save the .bmp as .jpg (highest quality). Any ideas? It would be nice to use .jpg to get a downloadable game. Thanks McMc

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Guest Anonymous Poster
In the structure DDCOLORKEY

typedef struct _DDCOLORKEY{
DWORD dwColorSpaceLowValue;
DWORD dwColorSpaceHighValue;

Did you set both high and low value to black? If so, be careful as jpeg compression doesn''t store images in a similar fashion to gif/bmp. Black areas may not be wholly black and may be approximated over a wide range of values. Give a higher range to the high and low values and see if that makes a difference.


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I am pretty sure the problem is solved if you don''t use a single color for transparency, but a color-range.

If you use BMPs, the right color for each Pixel is stored, but if you use JPGs compression, it will only store "A color close to the one you wanted". So a JPG black isn''t the same black at all places.
Your eye can''t differ a RGB 0-0-0 black from a 0-1-1 black, but for transperency it does differ.

Hope this helps.

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