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Programmer Portfolio Website Feedback

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Hi, I am hoping to get some feedback on the portfolio website I have been working on.



-A few points


I'm trying to go for the "show not tell" style, if it's not coming off that way I would appreciate it if you could let me know.


i have not posted very much sample code at this point, I'm considering either putting up more code that I wrote specifically for my projects or putting up code that I wrote for general concepts like data structures and algorithms. Or maybe both. Feedback would be very welcome.


I'd like the opportunity to work at a small or medium sized developer more so than a large developer.


I'd likely be applying for Intern positions since I am still at school.


My website: http://people.ucsc.edu/~zpeterse/



Thanks very much for your time, I really appreciate it.


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As noted elsewhere. I am only a web developer, but I have a few points you may find useful.


- Cut the "My Coding Style" section. It violates the show not tell style you're ostensibly going for.

- Overall, I'd cut all the stuff on your homepage and use it to highlight either your most recent project (through a recent blog module or something similar) or the one your most proud of.

- Animated icons for the left menu seem straight out of the 90s. Cute, but I'd cut them (this one is more personal preference than objective).

- Resume is a bit of a mess. I always point people to Gayle McDowell's advice here http://careercup.com/resume . Your's needs a structural overhaul rather than individual advice pieces. I do really like that you have it in HTML. Keep that, but also provide a link for word/pdf download.

- Why do internal pages change from a left nav to a top nav. Pick one or other. Either is fine, but it should be consistent.

- Code samples section is messy and require multiple levels of diving to reach actual code. Having code on your site is good, but you should also provide a github links if you have them.

- Your code samples section seems smaller in scope than your project? Consider cutting the smaller stuff and combining the two sections and show only the code you're most proud of. Put another way, a potential employer is more interested in your game dev code than your js stuff.


To end on a positive note, you have some solid small projects to show. If you cut down on some of the noise in your website, these will be much more apparent to a first time viewer.

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Thanks for this reply! I can tell that you took an in depth look at my site and I think that this is really useful feedback!

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