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Mordor 3 Live Game -- Contribute your ideas

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Link to the posted game info (Game is Live)


The purpose of this post is to suggest ideas\improvements to the game design.  Many players have suggested concepts or changes that have been implemented already.  I will edit this post to show which if any suggestions from this post are used or being implemented.



In Dev:


Skill Affects:

I am looking for skill effects that do not affect direct stats or combination skills that are new or not commonly used.  Something beyond a simple stun, or heal.


Interactive Combat:

Looking for ideas in a turn based combat system to make it more interactive.  Ideally creatures will cast spells over several turns which may be counteracted with interuption type skills.


AI Combat or formulas: I would like a fairly strong AI via calcuations.

Heal if < 40% Hp

(Magic def boost cast if fighting wizard/cleric)


Also looking for General Comments,  Suggestions, Design Ideas

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Just because I might not be the only one wondering... why call the game "Mordor"? Not sure how strongly this IP is still defended today, but I GUESS the name is taken out of tolkiens Lord of the Rings... are you also using other things from his stories?


If you are, and the name is not just coincidence, think about renaming / rewriting the story so you do not directly rip off someone elses IP. Making a game with elves, orcs and dwarves is totally okay (tolkien itself got "inspired" by nordic myths).

Making a game about lord of the rings without a license is not okay. Even if you are not making money, its a slippery slope.


If the name sounding familiar is a total coincidence, or you do have a license, sorry for my suspicion. But "fantasy game" and "Mordor" sounds extremly like a direct link, and this is a forum frequented by hobby and Indie devs, so having access to the funds to get a LotR License is highly improbable for someone posting in this forum.

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