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Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelike Platformer

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Star Rogue is an upcoming sci-fi roguelike platformer for PC, Linux and Mac.
In this challenging pixel indie game you will take control over a brave space marine to investigate an abandoned space station full of traps, robots and aliens. In each playthrough you will encounter a different environment full of randomly arranged rooms. With the choice between several weapons, abilites and different items, your playing experience will be unique each time you play.
  • Choose between several looks, specialisations, skills and weapons
  • Different worlds with randomly arranged rooms full of obstacles and traps
  • Over 80 different passive and active items
  • Different background stories to give you a motivation
  • Lots of enemies and bosses to defeat
  • Many unlocks for all the collectors out there



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I updated the game to v0.26 and also released a detailed update report here on indieDB.
The changelogs are:
- seven new enemies
- new shadow for player, enemies and items
- water mines now explode when touched or hit
- reworked size item, bullets now become way bigger
- enemies now blink when u hit them
- replaced a lot of sounds
- muzzleflash now only for some weapons
- rare golden credit can be found in boxes
- slot machines appear more mixed up
- shop item price is red, if you cant afford it
new sounds:
- grenade launcher
- shotgun
- tesla gun
- explosion
- fire trap
- gas trap
- next stage
- slot machine
- box hit
- revive
updated graphics:
- doors
- lifesteal item
- laser lifespan item
- magnet item
- crit chance item
- spaceship
- difficulties
new animations:
- explosion
- poison trap
- lava trap
- grenade launcher more damage
- tesla gun now lasts longer
- higher attack speed for assault rifle
- gas of gas-enemy lasts longer
fixed bugs:
- boxes not taking damage
- explosion damaging yourself
- no muzzleflash for shooting up
- bullets were flying through walls
- same boss multiple times a game
- some traps/enemies still moving while paused

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Heyho, I created a Star Rogue Gameplay Video with Commentary! Sorry about the microphone quality! :)
And I also released a new version, which you can download here:
-added back button in all menus
-added exit button in main menu
-new animation for ground enemy
-new item with unlock, doubles credit coins collected
-some enemies now create an explosion when getting destroyed
-removed change position item and 
 made it an ability with a 1 second cooldown
-stages now spawn shop or slotmachiner room and not both
-added more different rooms
-added hint for wall/double jump and controller support
-code cleanup
-reduced and removed random movement from several enemies 
 and made it more predictable
-made exploding enemies with projectiles easier
-made attack speed item weaker
-enemies and bosses gain more health per stage
-slow item now has 50% chance of slowing
fixed bugs:
-fullscreen option saves now between sessions
-laser endboss now gets knocked back correctly
-watch ability doesnt teleport you out of the room 
 anymore when used in transfer room between stages
-corrected typo in options
-small fixes

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There is a new alpha version v0.35 which improves the overall uniqueness of the different rooms you encounter in this game. It adds several new objects to interact to make each room more diversified. The game is available in Early Access on Steam and there is currently a 40% discount
First of all we have jump pads, which push you up in the air and help you get faster to the higher platforms. Next are moving platforms. There are two different ones: horizontal and vertical moving platforms. They act like ground, so you can also walljump on them. Also jump through platforms shouldn't be left out in this game. You can jump through them when you are below them and land right on them. Also if you stand on them and press down, you can let yourself fall down.
Then we have two new enemies. The first one teleports around and is quite hard to get, the next one spawns a shield around him from time to time, making him immune to laser projectiles.
Most of the existing rooms were modified and have now some of the new objects listed above to make them more unique. I also added many new rooms with completely new layouts.
Here is the complete changelog of v0.35:
- new enemy with laser shield 
- new enemy which can teleport 
- more unique rooms for each stage 
- horizontal and vertical moving platforms 
- jump through platforms 
- jump pad 
- added moving and jump through platforms and jump pads to existing rooms 
- adapted ground enemy animation speed 
- code cleanup 
fixed bugs:
- ground saws were moving in wrong direction after pause 
- minor fixes

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