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Wormhole City Alpha Demo, Scifi Action RPG for PC

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Hi everyone,
We're a two-man development team working with the Unreal 4 engine in hopes of creating a career for ourselves in the games industry.
It would be greatly appreciated to hear your feedback for our game.
Currently it's packaged to run on 64-bit PC systems and we're in the process of packaging a 32-bit version as well as Mac and Linux ports. Right now one bug is that 1360 x 768 resolution is not implemented.
Here is a trailer, media gallery and a link to the demo,
media gallery
Wormhole City demo
Oculus Rift Demo
Please let us know if you guys have trouble downloading or playing the game, we're in the process of trying new file hosting services.
Thank you and happy holidays

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New video showing some gameplay footage, not all content shown is in the demo or reflects the order that the levels are played in,
There's a lot to be said, short story is that the game will need a lot of work.
We're down to focusing on gameplay for the pilot, two mechs, and at least air and ground transportation. Developing companion AI / extra playable characters will take a lot of time as well, so that'll probably be focused down to playing the protagonist's party and developing their individual abilities.  A lot of the levels were built at the same time, working on one aspect after there was fatigue in developing another. Other levels took extra attention, but at this point I think only some of the gameplay mechanics/assets of these levels would be included in the final version of the game, a newer demo would have to have all new levels.
However I feel encouraged that we have somewhat of a foundation to work and improve on, just worried about time.

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Hi everyone, we're excited to show a few new elements we plan to include in our game. Two new skills, short-range teleportation and a storm spell that you will be able to specialize in and use in conjunction with other abilities. We also hoping you enjoy a little underwater gameplay and exploration in Wormhole City with a new underwater suit to pilot!

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Some new footage, 
Some scenes for an indie scifi adventure game, I hope you guys enjoy it. Definitely need to calibrate the movement speed and animations, as well as a ton of polishing in every aspect. Also trying to work on moving away from stock assets.
E: Screenshot gallery for those interested, http://imgur.com/gallery/bwZGG

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