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puzzler matrix

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Hello everyone

published my first game. It's a puzzle game. For my school, last year, I had to do a lot of calculation with matrices, transformations and staff like that. The idea for this game came out if that.

It's not complicated. By flipping one token you flip all around it. There is a start and end state.

Game is pretty hard, especially later on. Hope some of you like it.


During the development I also created a small AI that would try to find solutions in minimum number of steps. In the game I included problems that AI could solve in 5 steps or less. There are a few that required more steps but are very logical. First iteration of the game included levels that were 6x6. But I decided that those where to hard. AI would take 20+ minutes to solve them.


The game was made with libGDX.


There are some adds in form of small banner near the top. It should not interfere with gameplay.


Right now it's only for android, you can check it out here

Google Play Store link

Amazon Appstore link





Here's a picture


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