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Xenocrystalloid: The Eradications - Party-Based Roguelike ARPG

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Xenocrystalloid: The Eradications

Hi everyone.
I have a game to present, it's 'Xenocrystalloid: The Eradications' an objective-based Party Action-RPG with a few Roguelike elements in session-based gameplay, and random generated world part, play by alone or co-op multiplayer with AI Mercenary in the mix. Game is focus on gameplay and replay value, earn guild points and experience to upgrade and unlock new stuff, including new characters, ability, perks, mod, and others, then re-run to tackle on harder difficulty. Your party have a task to search for Artifact and use it to destroy large Crystal covered by a barrier, which required to be dispelled first.

  • Smooth Combat: Fight enemies dynamically with unrestricted movement while attack or using ability, whether it is melee or ranged.
  • Rogue-lite Gameplay: Each play through will start anew, randomly select predefined mini-area combined into one stage, however you can chains up winning game to build up better rewards when you decided to end current session. Each area may contains something like trader, chest as well.
  • Objective Based Gameplay: Dispelling barrier required specified procedure, including retrieval, capture, elimination etc...
  • Solo, Co-op, and/or with AI: Setup your party with 5 additional friends or 6 additional AI mercenary with their own behavior, stats, equipment and ability. Up to 7 members combined, or you can play solo.
  • Seamlessly Drop-in-out Co-Op: Network is designed with cross-country co-op gameplay, which make a smooth co-op game play even with high latency and you can drop in-out seamlessly.
  • Multiple Customizable Character: Choose a character whose have their own class, stats and level them up. Pick your looted enchanted weapon, armor, accessory, items, and choose ability, perk, and their mod which are available to all characters to create your play style.
  • Dynamic AI And Difficulty: Harder difficulty not only increases their stats but enemy will react better and quicker, and have a few more trick to fight against you, they also have no pattern therefore unpredictable, which create exciting reactive gameplay. Enemy stats also based on size of party in the session.
  • Learn Lore, Universe, Species and settings through game system, items and area which makes Xenocrystalloid different from any others universe.
Here's a few screenshots,
qVepGZKt.png 2JfUQwRt.png 3BQaX6Xt.png
For additional screenshots, demo trailer and full demo, it can be found on IndieDB
Also, please visit Steam Greenlight
If you're interesting in my game, or have a question then ask away. Edited by SamNainocard

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