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Where should i start ?

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I am new in Game development and this is my first question in this network.

I've no previous game developing experience in any platform. I've small knowledge in Java and Android application development. Now, I want to create a game for Android platform.

Now the questions.

  1. From where should i start ?

I've googled a lot and found many tutorials, but i need some beginners stuff.

  1. Can anybody suggest me some good tutorials ?
  2. From where can i learn basic game programming patterns like Game loop, FPS, etc.? A best tutorial link would be very helpful.

  3. What type of game should i develop as a beginner?

  4. What should i do to develop my skills as a game developer ?

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1) Always begin with somewhere small. Make a simple game just to learn the basics of whatever software you decide to use. Do your research to find out which software is best for you and use that for when you create your first few games. My recommendations are: Unity if you want to program by hand and GameMaker if you do not. I prefer programming by hand because it's more flexible, but do whatever is more comfortable. 


2) It depends which software you use. For Unity, I have found good tutorials with Brackeys to learn the basics, and the rest I learned was experimenting when making my own games. GameMaker has tutorials built-in. This is something you may have to research on your own. 


3) Once again, Brackeys has a good tutorial for C#, but if you choose software like GameMaker or Construct, you won't need to know how to program because it used a drag-and-drop system where you select different actions for each object to perform. Most languages use the same conventions so, once you learn one, you won't have to learn much to understand others. 


4) The simplest genres to do are stuff like point and click, platformers, text-based adventure, etc. I am not going to say a specific type of game, but I recommend doing something fairly simple to understand the basics (Colliders, Movement, etc.). Once you have a good grasp of the fundamentals, you can slowly build in complexity. 


5) Make games! Racing games, arcade games, point-and-click games, reimaginings of classic games, adventure games, strategy games, platformer games, whatever type of game comes to your mind. 

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