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MS3d Loading

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I know this subject has been covered before, but does anyone know where i can get reliable milkshape loading code? the stuff on nehes site doesnt work with any model except the one in his project, it loads them, but it wont skin them atall. any help would be greatly apreciated. Or if anyone knows where i can get some hl model loading code. cheers

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Have you tried my MS3D loading tutorial on NeHe''s site? Its Game Programming tutorial #4, and it goes over loading MS3D, and MD2 (Quake 2 model format) files. Give it a look-see, it could be what you''re looking for.

Trent (ShiningKnight)
E-mail me
ShiningKnight Games

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I just did, and that md2 code is JUST what i was looking for. very very good, and easy to use code, even for a newbie like me
I have a couple of questions however, I had a friend make me a simple model, it has no animation frames. I replaced the hobgoblin model with it, and loaded it into my scene. it works fine, for a moment, then it corrupts horribly, im guessing this is because teh code is trying to move on to frames that arent there, my question is this (i am a newbie so please bear with me ) How do i go about loading very simple md2 files with no animation?(using your code) what do i need to add or rip out? or if its a model thing, what frames do i need to add?
Thanks again.

Scratch that, i fixed it with the ratio value
I have another question, can i use gltranslatef to position the model? basically so i can add more than one model.
thnx again

Edited by - Paddeh on November 17, 2001 6:48:56 PM

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