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what are the parameters of glRotatef?

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void glRotatef( GLfloat angle,
GLfloat x,
GLfloat y,
GLfloat z )

Look at this website: The OpenGL WWW Pages

Also, this post was probably unnecessary since you could have found it using any search engine.

Also, you generally don't wanna double-post in GameDev.net; it's not proper "etiquette."

If you are in search of a good search engine go to Google

EDIT: I dislike how if you don't put http:// before the line on anchors the browser thinks that you want to go to a subdirectory of the page your looking at.

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i didnt mean to double post...

i dont understand the first parameter and how it works with the others, could u possibly elaborate further?

"Those who serve no purpose, have no purpose"

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x,y,z describe the vector axis that the rotation angle is supposed to rotate around. the angle is the amount.

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The angle is how much you want to rotate by. Then you want to tell it which axis to rotate on by puting a 1.0 in that field and having the others as 0.0.

So: glRotatef(1.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0) tells it to rotate one unit on the y axis.

To have the object to keep spinning, you would put a variable there and increment the
variable in a loop like so

float Angle = 0.0;

glRotatef(Angle, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0);
Angle += 1.0f

if(Angle == 360.0);
Angle = 0;

This would have the object keep rotating on the x axis

hope thats what you wanted

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