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Jay Unwyz

EXANIMATE, a futuristic open-world Zombie FPS/TPS

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Many games these days have a lack of depth, in fact many games are going away from campaign modes and focusing solely on multiplayer environments. While I do have many amazing multiplayer concepts in mind, I am focusing on the story. I want it to be fun, exciting, thrilling, and to keep people engaged in every moment of the gameplay. I don't want it to be sad, and lonely, I want it to be fast and action-packed and full of new information about the world and where the character is headed. I hope that you enjoy the concept, and would love absolutely any and all criticisms. Thanks much!
Exanimate is a futuristic, action-packed, open-world zombie shooter set in an opposite dimension of Earth, where-in it is encoded in human DNA to re-animate after death. With the option to run up and over all land-based obstacles with your bio-mech armor, and the ability to switch between first and third person camera modes; you are left with an immersive, futuristic, all-out-warfare style of gameplay based on destruction and containment rather than survival.
Most if not all zombie games are currently based on survival; saving rations, finding weapons, unending hordes of zombies, fortifying defences, etc... What Exanimate is about is not surviving, but flourishing, in a world where zombies are not a new threat, but instead have been a part of the growth of civilization since the dawn of time.
Your name is Connor Mortera, you are a black male raised in the Capitol State called Moriphan in the utopian society of Malezh. 
You are in one of the thousands of multiple dimensions of the first universe (Our Universe, me and you sitting here right now), your planet named Toran. For thousands of years the vast peoples of Toran have worked to build Malezh, a vast global network of futuristic cities built upon unity, strength, and flourishment. The main capitol state of Malezh is Moriphan, followed by 6 more capitol states known as Maza, Balon, Teira, Phanema, Fortua, and Lamenum.
Connor Mortera is the primary leader of the first-division of animated-containment specialists known as Ex-Anima, the first division of three-thousand, specifically designated to collect the dead from their locations before re-animation, and relocate them to the re-animate containment points known as Extraction Facilities. 
Ex-Anima are government appointed squadrons of individuals specifically trained for extractions of the undead. This organization has worked with the public by installing RFID components on the necks of people during birth. This RFID component simply keeps track of GPS location, as well as heart rate and activity. Without this RFID component, the organization would not be able to keep track of those who have died and re-animated, meaning without it chaos would ensue. 
Because of the re-animation provoking DNA node, all humans re-animate after death; with the brain being mostly dead, only primary functions based on survival are left after death. With primal instict being all that is left, the undead are aggressive, fast, and feed when hungry. What this allows for is your typical infection-based zombie, with a non-traditional approach. A zombie kills a civilian, and because of their DNA they are re-animated.
You, Connor Mortera, have been the leader of the first containment squadron since your completion of training in 1984. Keep in mind that even in 1984, the environment has been futuristic, and well-maintained by various means. You are the most highly-regarded general in all of Toran, having created various self-defense methods for general safety.
Extraction Facilities
There is a containment facility in each major city, as well as micro-containment in the smaller areas surrounding each city. These containment facilites are areas where the Containment Squadrons will bring the undead for consolidation, extraction, organization, and then incineration. Now as far as extraction, there is a more complex story surrounding humans in this alternate universe. After re-animation, there is a chemical produced in the pineal gland which can be extracted with a syringe to prolong human life and expedite the healing process. These extraction zones extract the chemical known as "Sour Syrup" and distribute it to all cities across the globe. Once it hits its main distribution points in each city, it is then re-packaged and sent to everyone directly, including hospitals, labs, and those individuals who request it. Each family has chosen whether or not they would like the sour syrup from their fallen loved ones.
Malezh is a very highly contained society, built thousands of feet above the surface. Using matter-manipulative technology, they have been able to create megastructures with absolutely no man-power. Hundreds of inter-connected cities, all absolutely beautiful with various futuristic architecture and layouts. Each city is a triangular area with a main point in the middle, and three outerlying locations known as sub-cities. The middle point is for business, recreation, etc, while the outerlying areas are for housing. In this society there are hardly any reasons for vehicular transport, as almost all transport is done through portals. Each sub-city has a hub with a portal to the main city, and and each main city has a portal used to connect it to other main cities; allowing for a very fluid means of transport between cities. Although there is not much transportation necessary, there are quite a few menial crafts used for transportation on the highways. 
In this utopian and futuristic world, the government has used many resources for understanding the human re-animation process, as well as many other scientific endeavors. One group of scientists from Phanema have been looking into inter-dimensional travel, and have discovered a way to peer into our dimension. Having made this amazing discovery, due to the No-Classification Laws of Toran, they published the news immediately with a live-feed of our Earth. Hundreds of thousands of people could look at our world from their digital displays, and see the massive beauty that it has to offer. Many see people sky-diving, base jumping, scuba-diving, going to various religious events. They also see the evils of the world, and the destruction, the killing. Although our world has many evils, many of the higher up agents for the government see this world, and how different it is, and how they have been prevented from having a life as we do; so they form a coup to begin a change in the way of life of Toran. The coup known as "Definitive", has devised a plan to place individuals at each of the Containment Facilities, and release the contained re-animated out into the cities. Chaos ensues, and as the structure of the society begins to quickly collapse, Definitive rises to power. Having already created a safe-point between the Utopia and the Forbidden Zone (Earths Surface), they patiently await the destruction of society. Your job is to establish a safe-point, get your and your squads families to safety, and begin finding out more information about the coup leaders as well as the Dimensional Rift project.
Think of this as a cross between Prototype, Deus Ex, and Star Wars: Battlefront. You are able to seamlessly switch between first and third-person, freely run, jump, and teleport to all accessible locations, and easily mow down hordes of the undead. Your character has two grapple guns that can be used to easily get yourself to the tops of buildings, or using your bio-mech suit you can freely run up to the top. Your two grapple guns can be shot in two opposite directions, then be connected to suspend yourself between to areas like a spider web. Imagine shooting a grapple between two buildings, then mowing down zombies from a location inaccessible to them. Your boots use grav-lock technology, meaning you can step anywhere that a surface is detected. You can walk on ceilings, walls, architecture, pretty much anything, and your boots will lock their gravity in association with your belt to provide stability. 
There are many types of weapons in this game, from your traditional blasters, to melee weapons. Some of the more off-kilter weapons include a laser whip which can be opened and used to slice up hordes of zombies within a 30 foot radias. Your grapple gun can also be shot into the ground beneath a horde of zombies, then you can run around all of the zombies trapping them within the rope of your grapple, then retract yourself to the grapple cutting all of the zombies in half. The weaponry in this game is meant to be fast-paced and effective. Your character won't go down easy.

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1. Are you just asking for feedback on your story, or are you trying to recruit?

if the former, then you need to repost,a nd rework for the classifieds section.


2. if you go forward with preproduction, you can only show these as references, in house, and not for recruitment purposes.


3. What's a TPS?


So, if being a zombie is the natural stage of life, since the dawn of humanity, you'd think they'd be better way of handling them.


That would mean, that we'd actually have zombie nazzis...



So, you  went to the trouble of building a utopian world, and then out of "Jealousy", they decide to destroy their world and rebuild there entire civilization?




they are sending zombies to our world to take over?


Is the main character set in their world or ours?


I could go on, but I'll leave it there, since I don't know your intentions on posting this.

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