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IK animations tear arm and torso apart.

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I apply the IK after advancing the animation controller. After that, I aggregate all transformations to finish up on

a final matrix and render away.

1) Apply astar

2) Apply collision avoidance

3) Apply Physics

4) Apply IK

5) Aggregate everything

6) Render away


But When I apply IK with this method, the arms are stretching very large with some extreme pose, not every natural

So Am I correct to get the local transformation of the handle where the agent grabs on, then multiply it with

the world transformation of the target object and apply an interpolated IK etc

And finish up with aggregation of everything?




void COperator::ApplyArmIK()

    if (m_bNeedMoveArm) {
        // Get Trolley
        if (current_task.m_pObj != NULL) {
            LPD3DXFRAME f = NULL;

            if (current_task.m_trolley_id != -1)
                f = current_task.m_pObj->FindFrame("Handle");

            if (!f)
                f = current_task.m_pObj->GetFrameRoot();

            // world matrix
            D3DXMATRIX localMatrix = f->TransformationMatrix;

            D3DXMATRIX worldMatrix = *current_task.m_pObj->GetWorldMatrix();

            worldMatrix = localMatrix * worldMatrix;
            D3DXVECTOR3 target(worldMatrix._41, worldMatrix._42, worldMatrix._43);
            ik->UpdateArmIK(target, m_localtime);


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