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Display a texture from memory in Sharp/Slim DX

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I'm using SharpDX (very similar to SlimDX, and probably the same code will work).


I'm trying to display a texture that's in memory as either a byte array or a Bitmap object, rather than loading it from a file.  Ultimately I guess it needs to be made into a Texture2D object so I can input it into the shaders.


I tried using some function called Resource.FromMemory, but I got unknown exceptions/errors.


I thought maybe the load information or description or something was set up wrong, so I loaded a texture from a file and compared the data, then adjusted my input to the FromMemory function to match, but that didn't fix it.


I'm really stumped, but I really need this to work!  Please if you have any ideas, post them.  Thank you.


(And no I don't have source code with me, sorry).

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