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ANTRAXX - Bringing Back The Isometric Mech Shooter

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Antraxx is a multiplayer isometric, arcade-style, mech battle, shooter, uh... thingy! Mixing classic pixel art with a highly stylized modern twist using dynamic lighting, shadows, physics, positional audio and more... all in the browser or on your tablet. Our goal is to create a next-generation 2D isometric game in terms of gameplay, graphical gimmicks, audio and immersion while still keeping true to games that inspired us to become game developers. It aims to be an immersive, limitless, fun and creative multiplayer masterpiece of a game and is in development for the web and tablet devices.
You will be able to create maps using our in-game editor for people to blow eachother up on, or play other people's maps in multiple gamemodes such as free for all, team deathmatch, king of the hill and more. Alternatively, you can choose to socialise in one of our many public areas. Here you can show off your mech, acquire ladies or trade mech parts. Co-ordinate with your team, slander your enemies or socialise all while strutting around in your awesome pixel mech that you can customize by buying or trading cockpits, weapons, legs and fill your upgrade slots with jetpack boosters to fly over the map and annihilate from above. The sky is your limit.
You can also take advantage of wired tiles and entities, allowing for complex contraptions to destroy your enemies or aid your team. Jump onto a button to open a door for your friends, or build traps to snare your enemy. You can potentially create maps with an unlimited size, allowing for one of the most creative games on the web. 


So, what's a map without a mech and some awesome weapons - right?! In Antraxx, you can collect mech parts and weapons to outfit your own individual mech. Maybe you want a dark bat-mech that is stealthy and can go invisible, or maybe you want a massive terminator-style brute of a mech that can obliterate all who stand in your path. You can find mech parts laying around from dead mechs in the map, you can purchase them from the in-game store with your experience points or you can trade with players. You play the game to advance, no cash needed. Of course, to keep our bellies full and servers running you can choose to buy points to spend. But this is not required. This game is entirely free to play.
We offer various game-modes and unlimited creativity when it comes to building your own maps. Join in hosted events, public events, giveaways and battles. Charge and fire your lasers for a big impact, fire cluster missiles from the other end of the map or get up close and personal with a heavy machine gun. There are countless ways to achieve peace in the never ending war that is Antraxx.




We've re-coded Antraxx three times four times (of 2015) now, each time because the last engine wasn't scalable enough for what we wanted. So we had to rethink from the ground up, wanting this new engine to be reusable, portable, secure, scalable and above all - beautiful. In order to achieve this, we went through revisions of JavaScript (way before canvas and webgl were on the scene), AS3, AS3 using Starling (hardware acceleration) and again - back to JavaScript. This time, we're using WebGL - and the game is actually 3D. The engine takes in 2D isometric pixel art, converts the necessary components into 3D meshes which allows us to take full advantage of modern game development practices - including the much requested dynamic lighting and shadows! It is rendered from an orthographic isometric perspective, the same at which the art is drawn.
And for those with lower-end devices/machines, or who want to play with a pure pixel look - you can enable classic mode. This will disable fancy graphical gimmicks giving it a real 90s feel.








The game has been in development for 3-4 years atleast, on and off due to life, work, relationships, being in education and moving around. However, all that has settled and we're now ready to dedicate some serious time to the project. Antraxx always felt ahead of its time for us in terms of what we wanted to achieve for our technical ability and the technology available at the time. We've been featured on the TIGSource devlog magazine and tumblr, have had great feedback and people wanting to interview us. We're stoked to have this reaction, and plan to get this game out there.
Our release date is scedualed for fall this year (2016)
It is developed by Sam Hellawell (code) and Leendert Oomen (graphics).


" title="External link">Gameplay test (old)
" title="External link">Railing/fences pathfinding (old)
" title="External link">Multiplayer test (old)
" title="External link">Wired tiles concept (old)

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Engine update!
Explosions and impacts are now functional!
Time to get these mech parts to get destroyed piece by piece, one by one..

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