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Traffic Race 3D 2 out on Android, Windows Phone & Windows Store

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Happy 2016 everyone!

We've just shipped Traffic Race 3D 2 for Android ohmy.png



This game is a mixture of arcade racing and casual driving on open tracks. No more re-spawns when you hit the race track border. Go crazy and find the fastest route on each track. 

Try it on Android

Try it on Windows Phone & Windows Store

Or try it on GameJolt



Check it out on Youtube




PS Traffic Race 3D 2 has won a few awards for best screenshots on Gamedev.net already smile.png

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Happy Friday!


We've updated Traffic Race 3D 2 with an Endless racing mode inspired by Traffic Race 3D 1.


It’s not your ordinary Endless Racer because you won't die when you crash, you can just keep going and cause mayhem. Your car will however take damage but you will be able to sustain a number of crashes.


Try it out!




This is also new:


* New Feature: Endless game mode :)

* New Feature: damage system

* Improved: Better audio when passing checkpoints

* Improved: Performance improvement = Better FPS on mobile devices, especially on Windows Phone

* Improved: AI tweeked, AI cars can now reverse if they are stuck

* Improved: Mobile touch input = Easier to steer cars with touch

* Improved: Cars have better grip on grass and sand

* Fixed bug: AI spawned to low causing them to flip over on City level

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I'm happy to let you know that Traffic Race 3D 2 has received a new major update with support for 4 players online :) If all goes well we can even push it to 6 in the future. All cars has been tweaked for better performance and controls. Check it out and take it for a spin!

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Yes this game is still alive clear.png

Sorry about the lack of updates and posts, been busy working on this update.

In this update I’ve added support for up to 6 players online which is enough to cause proper mayhem which is the goal!

A new endless level with traffic in 2 directions is included and I’m working on a single lane endless level too.

Take the new car for a ride while you’re at it!




Give it a try: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.casualgames.nu.TrafficRace3D2


Here is the rest of the news in this update:
* New Feature: Added support for 6 simultaneous players in online races simple-smile.png
* New Feature: Added new Endless Free way level with 2 lanes and two way traffic.
* New Feature: Added push notifications.
* Improved: Car damage is active on regular races too now.
* Improved: New AI cars.
* Improved: Increased AI speed on Endless levels.
* Improved: Made the game harder to complete = more stars are required for levels after level #4.
* Bug: Fixed Resize issue on larger screens on other games screen.

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