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OpenGL [SmartLight2D] 2D Lighting Engine Project

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I am developing 2D lighting engine for a specific game. Recently realized that the system is quite universal and can be used in any kind of game. (Side-scrolling or top-down)
It's written in native OpenGL and DirectX9.
I wonder how many people would be interested if I port it to the Asset Store.
I looked through the asset store for the 2D Lighting, all of them were overpriced and lacking of features.
I opened voting pool in this thread just to see weather there are people interested in this project.
Short overview of current 2D lighting version that is used in the game.
Overview Video:
  • Side-Scrolling or Top-Down Game
  • Customizable Day & Night cycle
  • Occlusion
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Tile system support
  • Mesh objects system support
  • Multiple lighting layers
  • OpenGL and DirectX and great support for mobile devices
  • Fast lighting paricles/sprites
  • Lights based on given image (flashlights and so on)
  • Updates might bring new features as well!
Feel free to ask questions!

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