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Homo Economicus

Interested in making a realistic medieval politics simulator

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After playing Crusader Kings II, Mount and Blade and various medieval military games, I've realized that all of these have great promise but don't include one vital thing: an accurate depiction of court politics.

CKII relies on percentages that a plot "magically springs up", without the skullduggery usually involves with political assassinations. My idea was to make a simulator that could put you into various different medieval cultures and political systems (ranging from Imperial China to Feudal France) and, using a classic question-and-answer stats setting system, would determine your starting position in the hierarchy (similar to that in Mount and Blade).

I also want to include a realistic economic management system where acquiring technology actually allows you to select new systems of land distribution (represented by a scroll bar with different systems that then gives you a projected income) as well as edicts on money supply (which then, using accurate economic history models, changes the projected cost in different ways).

You start in a certain position and, as you acquire influence by making powerful friends and proving yourself, you move up the particular hierarchy in your chosen setting.

I want to make this a game but I have no programming experience. However, I'm quite knowledgeable about history, mathematics, accounting and am a respectably good writer. I'm looking for people to teach me the programming all the while making a fun game. Any takers?

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