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HDR Questions

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Hi Guys,


1. According to what I know, to make the scene appear more detailed, bright things should appear more bright and dark things should appear more dark, right?, how can I do that? Should I set "luminanceValue" for each mesh to determine what mesh is bright and what mesh is dark as the following?

float lum = dot(color.rgb, float3(0.2125f, 0.7154f, 0.0721f));
color /= lum;
lum *= luminanceValue;
color *= lum;
return color;


2. What do you suggest to do in the scene to take advantage of HDR and make the scene appear better?


3. What is MIDDLE_GRAY in tone mapping? and what's the appropriate value that should be used?


4. Any examples of different tone mapping algorithm?


5. For tone mapping, I tried the following and it's working well:

float fAdaptedLum = Tex[1].Sample( SampleType, float2( 0.5, 0.5 )).r;
float lum = dot( color.rgb, float3( 0.2125f, 0.7154f, 0.0721f ));
lum = (lum * (1 + lum / WHITE)) / (1 + lum);
lum *= ALPHA / adaptedLum;
color *= lum;
return color;

But when I try this, the scene appear with low details:

float fAdaptedLum = Tex[1].Sample( SampleType, float2( 0.5, 0.5 )).r;
float g_fMiddleGray = 0.72f;
color.rgb *= g_fMiddleGray/(fAdaptedLum + 0.001f);
color.rgb /= (1.0f+color);
return color;

Any idea why the first one is improving the scene while the second one is giving bad results?

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