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Terrain. Im stuck please help !!!

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Hi I am trying for 2 months now , to get the height of a terrain at ANY x/z position. But i can''t get it to work or work correctly. I used the getheight method from opengl game programming book but this gives a bumppie effect. And if the hill is to high i can get the y pos and i walk right through the hill. Can someone PLEASE explain to me how i can get the ypos at any point on the terrain. (Or even better some code or pseudo code). Some details of the method i use, almost the same as in ogl game programming: I give up the mapx mapx and mapscale. I read the terrain from a heightmap. It is stored in a terraindata[mapx][mapz][3]. Calculating the height points: terraindata[x][z][0]= float(x)*mapscale terraindata[x][z][1]= (float)heightmap[z*mapz+x)*3] terraindata[x][z][2]= -float(z)*mapscale The vertices are drawn in this order 0---->1 / / 2---->3 And render it using GL_TRIANLE_STRIP Thanks Boldyman

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