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You've crash-landed your plane full of bananas on a remote jungle! Luckily, you find a crowbar and prepare yourself to protect your cargo of delicious fruit from evil, hungry Monkis that seek to steal your freight at any cost! Shoot the enemies to make money with which you'll be able to unlock better weapons and upgrade your existing ones. Big bad bazooka, anyone? That's not all! You'll be able to set down traps around your precious bananas for added strategy!

Monkitak is a waves-based retro-styled arcade top-down shooter with charming 3D graphics where the player must attempt to defend his cargo from hordes of Monkis by unlocking weapons and building traps.

-Current and upcoming features-
Different weapons: Melees, pistols, machine guns, rifles, grenades, etc. Even BAZOOKAS!
Different traps and constructions: Spike traps, mines, glue, etc.
Wave system: The more you fight them off, the tougher they get.
Different Monkis: Big one, small ones, fast ones and crazy ones. All out for your sweet sweet potassium sticks.
Boss fights: Oh yeah, there's some big bad Monkis comin' for ya!
Particle effects: Blood! Bullet and smoke trails!
Lighting system: Muzzle flashes! Explosions! YEAH! Come at us, Michael Bay!
Weather effects/Day & Night cycle.
Co-op split-screen multiplayer.
Easter Eggs: You'll just have to find those out. ;)

-Some ideas we've had! Feel free to suggest some more!-
Online multiplayer: We'd love to, it'll be a big job, but we definitely think it'd be awesome to go on a rampage with friends!
Wearables: Customizing your character would be tons of fun! Bandana, face paint and a machinegun? Rambo style.
Upgradable weapons: Sharpened-banana-crowbar-with-a-scope anyone?
Leaderboards: Who's the biggest, baddest, meanest banana-guardian?
Bullet-time: For extra accuracy and cinematic feel!



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