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SharpDX help with exmaples.

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Looks like SharpDX is still around. I was able to do much basic stuff on my own with it but I need some help. Are there no forums left for shrapDX? I'm trying something simple like created a new force effect but I can not find a single code example on the matter.


Normally you do something like this with managed code.

e = new Effect();
                    e.SetDirection( new int[Axis.Length] );
                    e.SetAxes( new int[1] ); 
                    e.EffectType = Type;
                    e.ConditionStruct = new Condition[Axis.Length];
                    e.Duration = INFINITE;
                    e.Gain = 10000;
                    e.Constant = new ConstantForce();
                    e.Constant.Magnitude = Magnitude;
                    e.SamplePeriod = 0;
                    e.TriggerButton = (int)Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput.Button.NoTrigger;
                    e.TriggerRepeatInterval = (int)DI.Infinite;
                    e.Flags = Flags;
                    e.UsesEnvelope = false;

                    // Create the effect, using the passed in guid.
                    eo = new EffectObject( ei.EffectGuid, e, Dev );

but I can not even create the effect with SharpDX as its expecting one of two constructors. I'm not even able to find a doc that has the right classes for SharpDX 3. Does anyone have a simple constant force example I could sample from?

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Well I learned much on my own here.  But I get ;


An unhandled exception of type 'SharpDX.SharpDXException' occurred in SharpDX.dll
Additional information: HRESULT: [0x80070057], Module: [General], ApiCode: [E_INVALIDARG/Invalid Arguments], Message: The parameter is incorrect.


on the marked line below. My guess is I didn't get the data correct. Its quite difficult with no example.


EffectParameters ep = new EffectParameters();
            foreach (var ei in allEffects)  
                Console.WriteLine("Effect available {0}", ei.Name);
                if (ei.Type.HasFlag( EffectType.ConstantForce ))
                    ep.Flags = EffectFlags.Cartesian | EffectFlags.ObjectOffsets;
                    ep.Directions= new int[1]{0};//MaxValue
                    ep.Gain = 10000;
                    ep.Duration = int.MaxValue;
                    ep.SetAxes (new int[1],new int[1]);
                    ep.SamplePeriod =0;
                   // ep.TriggerRepeatInterval = int.MaxValue;
                    Effect e = new Effect(joystick, ei.Guid, ep); <-- error

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