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What is a wavefront?

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Looking at AMD's documentation on GCN architecture ( http://developer.amd.com/community/blog/2014/05/16/codexl-game-developers-analyze-hlsl-gcn/ ) it is a little confussing what exactly a wavefront is.


It says:




Work is performed on the SIMDs in groups of 64 work-items (i.e. 64 threads) called wavefronts.




Ok, so a thread is a wavefront... but later on it says:




The value in a particular SGPR is shared across all threads in a wavefront.




Ok, so... a thread is not a wavefront as the sentence before, but a wavefront can have multiple threads...




There are two other factors that determine the number of simultaneous wavefronts for a shader.




So... a shader has different wavefronts (and wavefronts have threads).




Also, a little bit confusing, it says that:




Each SIMD supports a maximum of 10 simultaneous wavefronts in flight




But this contradicts with the 64 mentioned on the first quote...


Can someone explain?



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Oh!... I see... I was misinterpreting the first quote... 


Your explanation makes perfect sense now.... thanks Hodgman.

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You'll often hear the number of wavefronts that can run simultaneously for a shader as shader occupancy or wavefront occupancy.

High occupancy is obviously better than low occupancy so reducing register count for your shaders on GCN is worthwhile. Doing things like avoiding unrolling loops can help.




However, don't always try to achieve 10 as it can be detrimental in some cases, such as cache thrashing in high-bandwidth shaders.

Useful link.

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