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I've created a pong clone for my first attempt at game development. Following Alpha_ProgDes's list of games to create as a beginner. (Link)

It's buggy, flawed, and you'll have to have a friend to even really play it, but it's my own!


It's 'features':

  • Two broken paddles.
  • One irrational ball.
  • Some dodgy goal lines.
  • A scoreboard (Only as accurate as the goal lines are).
  • Themes! - My way of saying "I'm sorry" for playing this mess.

I wasn't allowed to upload my executable jar on this thread for some reason. Download Link


I've included my source code below, and let me tell you it's not pretty. I don't have to be an expert to know it's an eyesore. Any comments, or criticism, are very much welcome. 


Thanks for putting up with me!

- BrendynT

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Why was this moved? I specifically put it in the "For Beginners" thread because the rules said the following.


Trying to get feedback on the source-code of a completed game?

If you've just created your first game and are looking to get feedback on your programming from more experienced developers, try posting in the For Beginners forum. If possible, include the code using source tags as well as a link to a playable version of the game


  1. This is my "first game"
  2. I am looking for feedback
  3. My Source code is in the files.

What part of my post called for a reason to be moved here?

Edited by Brendyn_Todd

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