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New idea for a RTS/RPG game, feedback wanted

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Hi, I posted a thread on what makes RTS''s good or bad. In that I got people saying they wanted more information on the project I was doing. Well I went away to do more on the design doc but then i came up with a different idea ( I did it quickly just to explain my idea so there might be some mistakes ) here go''s: Title: The Uprising (maybe) Genre: RTS/RPG Setting:Different places around Europe and the middle east Time span:Late middle ages Graphicsrobaly 2d or 3d (very) Basic idea: You control one unit (in a Diablo like view ) and try and get people or whole villages to follow you by, for example, talking to people, doing what they ask, helping them defeat an enemy or paying them. If builders follow you, you can order them to build, mine or repair. If warriors follow you then they can fight, If traders follow you, you can get them to trade and so on. But you only control the one person and have to order your followers about. For example, you select to talk to one of your builders and you select the message " Hey I want you builders to build something". He replies, "What would you like me to build? " (the buildings menu pops up), you select the building and where you want to build it, and all available builders come and build it. Same with mines, you ask a guy to build it but only he goes and mines. You have to tell the others to mine for you. Like Diablo, you have an inventory with, for example. weapons, armour, your bag and whats in it, etc. I will probally put in the idea how you advance in "skill" levels by doing things and a day/night cycle. Units, Buildings and others: some of the buildings at the moment are: Fire, tent, camp, horsepen, house, village centre, barracks, training centre, mill, mines, animal farm, plant farm, walls, towers and Castles . Some of the units at the moment are: Swordsmen, archers, horsemen, chariots, catapults, battering rams and mercenaries. Some of the other things in the game are: Trees, gold, silver, stone, animals, caves, brick paths and birds. Storyline: You are a traveller, trying to get rid of an EVIL! king who is oppressing all the people. (Cut back about 10 years) - It is all happy, the land is ruled by a good king (just being good). Until one day he hears about bands of invaders attacking the small villages down south. He immediately marches his whole army south. Meanwhile, the evil king''s army is taking over from the north. The people try to withstand the army but are slaughtered or have to retreat. The evil king takes the good king''s castle and quells any more uprisings. Meanwhile down south the good king''s army have won, and upon hearing the news about his old kingdom he marches the army back north to fight off the evil king. Upon getting there, he realises that they are out numbered, but believes they have a cause and can win. He attacks the castle but half way through the battle he is hit by an arrow. The army have a wounded leader and lose morale, and they are all slaughtered. Only 5 of his best fighters escape. Just before the good king dies, he says there will be a young person who will save them one day. Gameplay: (I will try to show the gameplay by showing what you would do in a level) objectives: destroy an enemy base in the south, the game starts off and you got three guys behind you (on your team) a builder, a scout and a warrior. You move south and find a pack of animals, so you decided this is the place to build a base, wait you don''t have enough resources to build a village center, so select the talk button and click the builder, the writing comes up "what would you like me to do" and 3 options come up like "build something for me", "gather something" or "nothing", You select "build something for me" and the builder says "what would you like me to build?" and a build menu pops up, you select a tent (worse than a village center but better than a fire) and place it above the animals and your builders gos off and kills them and brings them back to the tent, later you tell your guy to get wood and after a while you have enough for a to upgrade your tent to a village center. (to be continued)

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Please could people just reply to tell me the views on the design document, I don''t mind a bit of critisizm as long as its about the design, Thanks

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I have to inform you that from now on my lead designer/webmaster is taking on the name "Overload" and I have completed the final phase of being named "Lord_jonbon" If you find a post by Overload it will be my web master or i will tell you if it is me.

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Overload, just FYI, it may take people time to reply to your thread. Best to let it just sit and check periodically.

Just waiting for the mothership...

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Some feedback:

- I think it''s a great idea, a mass-combat/roleplay RTS game. The concept certainly isn''t saturated on the market, so should be a fresh arrival once its released.
- Leading individual, characterized NPCs makes for better depth in a game. If you give characters personality, you go a long way to making them fan-favorites in future releases.
- Perhaps permit assignment of characters in-game to lead groups of NPCs to perform certain tasks (like scouting unexplored map areas, gathering resources) until you give them new tasks or re-delegate.

- Some ideas for the backstory... the concept of a remote evil king attacking a virtually abandoned neighboring warring kingdom is hard to swallow... Would King Good leave his home if his neighbor was breathing down his neck? I would talk about characters such as deceitful spies that urged King Good southward, perhaps an assassination as he was headed back home after being ambushed by King Evil''s men. It would certainly make for a more interesting game plot if you had to keep an eye over your shoulder for spies.
- Careful that you don''t make the game too tedious, where you have to find and talk to people to get things done all the time. If you can figure out some sort of AI, automated societal tree structure whereby underlings manage affairs as necessary (for example, the (example) Resource Advisor you choose in the game would automatically assign woodsmen to cut down trees if your town''s supply became low.

This sounds like a very interesting project. Good luck with it!


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Hi, (it''s me Overload, my lead designer/web guy is using the name overload)

Thanks, MatrixCubed. About the storyline: I wrote it quickly just to give people the idea of what happened before the game. (I think there should be some more violince and trechory). About these "lead groups", I already mentioned that there would be builders, scouts, traders ect. Also I like the idea of a kind-of resource advisor, because I wanted as least micro-management and more of a "people doing what there supposed to"

Anyway thanks, Thats about all I can post on (more later) if you need to email me for some reason email me at:

P.S (we have a url but the sites only started, i''ll tell you it later)

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Ditto the backstory suggestion, remember that even though you''re using some novel ideas, your players still have to care about the kingdom. It will be hard to get them to care if it isn''t believable.

What exactly do you expect of the player''s character? Does he/she have any fighting abilities?

The interface you''ve designed doesn''t imply the presence of singularly enormous battles. The attitude you generate seems to be "me and my buddies" which is not the kind of force you''d send against King Evil''s armies.

Take a peek at Black & White, it uses a simple system to reflect spreading influence. You might want the Player character to be an actual combatant, and gain influence by killing monsters that may terrorize a particular town, or by hunting for food for the townsfolk.

George D. Filiotis
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About the design doc i''m changing it anyway and I do think the storyline needs a bit of work. About the characters I was thinking normal sort of weapons like: swords, bows, daggers... ect (I did not want the character to be magical because he''s supposed to be a travellor). with the battles you''ve got all your builders/miners and fighters back at your base, then you chose some (or lots) of fighters and tell them to follow you and you walk down to there base and your guys protect you or you can tell them to go and "whop'' some ass".

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So, is the game mainly menu driven? So would you talk with people and then issue them orders from there?

Or does each NPC do what they want based off of what they think of the player''s character?

Do resources/NPC''s stay between missions?

How tough is the main character?

What sort of character can the main character be?

Do weapons/equipment upgrade?''

Single player or multiplayer?

Just some things to think about.

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here a suggestion for the story(a bit long):

what if the good king has become old and absent minded
and many people in the kingdom has grown tierd of his leadership.

this is where the evil king sees his chance to overtrow his rule
so he uses one of his spys, also an advisor of the good king, to
lure the good king into beliving that villages to the south are
being plundered by a rowing band of barbarians(which is partialy
rigth, but extreamly exagerated)

so the good king leads his army to deal with the barbarians while the evilking seizes power by inciting a revolt.
the good king hears of this and heads back north to the capitol
to vanquis the evil king and his army.

then one of the good kings advisors has a horrible vision that
they are gonna lose to the evil king and only a young storng
leader can restore the kingdom to its greatness.

the goodking heeding his word sends out 5 of his best men in
different direction in case the vision comes true.

the goodking and his amry gets ambused by the evil king and defeated.

to stop possible revolt the evilking orders his assasin to kill all the young men which the goodking had sent out.

they are all kill but one which is left for dead.
he is found by a traveling (egyptian?)merchant(you) and his band
and pleads for their help.

soon after they find themselves attacked by assasins(or maybe barbarians) and the game begins...

ideas for gameplay:

- much of the challengs will be trying to convince people that
the evilking must be overtrown.
- possible cooperation with the barbarians

- helping rebels

- rescuing the good kings advisor(s)

hope you like some of the idea''s, and pardon all the typo''s
i KNOW there are alot

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It sounds cool and all but here are some potential problems:

1 Useing a single character to issue orders and such would create a "bottle neck" in the flow of information...If the player sends some guys to one side of the map to do some task...What happens if the player changes his mind and needs those guys to come back before they have completed the task? Does the player have to walk over to where they are and tell them? Doing something like this would slow the game down to a crawl as the player must constantly go from one place to another telling his units what he wants them to do....given the time frame the game takes place in...the only way to issue orders from one location is to use messangers...lots of messangers...but going to that length of reality...players shouldn''t have a realtime map available to them as the only way players could know of things outside his imeadiant field of view is through messages relayed back to him...then, of course, this is unreliable as things can change by the time it would take for a messenger to go from place to place...

2. how do players increase the size of thier force? If they must go into towns scouting for potential allies then haveing the ability to build a structure that generates units (as in most RTS games) is kinda pointless.

3. How do the RPG aspects fit into the game? Are players going to personnaly engage in combat or is that left up to his/her units?

RPGs are built around "my charactor"...while RTS games are built around "my army"...mixing these two game genres can be difficult as they are often at odds with each other...there are lots of ways it can be done...but sticking it in a midevil fantasy time frame limits some game design options available that would help...

here is my take:

The player controls the ghost of the dead good king...this ghost can pop into the bodies of units on his side, effectively controling them...from these bodies the player can issue orders to his troops and while doing so the unit he is controling can build experience...then when the need arises the player can jump across the map and pop into the body of another unit giving commands to the units over there...

And between battles the player (in control of one of the bodies) can go into town to raise more troops, etc...the key to this is that the player must be in control of a body to effect the game...when players pop out takeing the ghost form, they are not even seen...but in ghost form they can increase the attack strength of nearby units (even tho the units cannot see them)...this would create a dilema for players as in ghost form they could stand in the middle of a battle increaseing thier armies attack strength...but in ghost form they couldn''t actually issue orders directing the they would need to pop into the body of one of thier units...but doing so would cause the nearby troops to lose that attack bonus makeing the battle harder for them

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Thanks for the replys everyone,

To NutFruit: I like the idea but I think there are some faults:

"....if the good king has become old and absent minded
and many people in the kingdom has grown tierd of his leadership."

If the people have grown tired of the good king whats the point of calling him the good king and the bad king, the bad king. Remember the character is supposed to beat the bad king?


"while the evilking seizes power by inciting a revolt."

You are supposed to get people to help you get rid of the evil king, If the people revolt against the good king how are you sopposed to get people to help you to get rid of the evil king?

"to stop possible revolt"

Didn''t you say that the people revolted against the good king?

Anyway besides that I like the idea and might do something like that( sorry if it sounds like I''ve been crisizing it).

To MSW: I have a few ideas about number 1: How about the character has to go with units if they go out of your town, or, maybe (unrealistic) you can just order them from where they are ( this is unrealistic but, it would make it a lot easyer) could you please tell me if you have any ideas.

2: I was thinking if the game had a skirmish game thing then you could create units in that but in the single missions you would have to get more guys to follow you.

3: If your guy is in the front of the army it would increase the guys attack, defense and to stop it being more of are RTS I would make it so you could only have small armys.

Thanks for the replys, keep them coming!

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I like the idea - I think it makes an interesting blend of RTS and RPG. I only really have one real problem with the design as presented, and that is MSW''s first point - By making the interface too RPGish you make it harder to coordinate the RTS elements of the game. I would recommend something like SliverMyst''s Flag (TM) control system for this, rather than a dialog or menu based system.

Oh and the name Uprising is already taken.

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