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Is it possible to make a multi-threaded renderer?

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When I put the renderer into a thread pool,

the debugger jumps all over the places,

and I want to protect the device from being accessed by the main thread

and the renderer at the same time without success.




I just want to keep one thread to have access to the m_pDevice,

Also, How can I keep the right order of the pipeline, I think the pipeline has run out of order.

I just hate the idea of the next thread being activated when the first request is finished.

When the mainthread is going to present the batch, the renderer suddenly wake up again... How nasty

How can I do that?

Thanks in advance


class d3d
    // protected resource
    static LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 m_pDevice;
    static LPD3DXEFFECT m_pEffect;


    virtual ~d3d() {    }
    static d3d& GetInstance();

    static LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9& GetDevice() { return m_pDevice; }

    static std::unique_ptr<d3d> m_instance;
    static std::once_flag m_onceFlag;
    d3d(void) { }
    d3d(const d3d& src);
    d3d& operator=(const d3d& rhs);
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Difficult enough to achieve multi-threaded renderer.

I believe the pipeline is definitely messed up, just too random...


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@AThompson I think he is talking about the Direct3D9 specific multithreaded device.

In that case, no for the love of god do not do this. Multithreaded rendering should not even be attempted unless you are using a D3D 11 device at the very least. It's a difficult recommendation even then. D3D 12 is the only solid choice for multithreaded rendering.


D3D9's multi-threaded mode is probably best left to situations where you wish to use the device on a single non-UI thread.

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