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Free Idea to Anyone Looking For One - Not Trolling, Not Spam

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I am not into designing games from scratch, but I do like playing them; especially RPGs.


The following may already have been implemented into an existing game but, if not, please feel free to 'steal' it for the next Kickstarter project. - If you could make it work successfully you would make me, in particular, so damned happy I would test, buy, promote it, and buy all the DLCs!! tongue.png


Anyway, the other day, whilst playing Dragon Age, I had an idea, and I thought "wouldn't it be really cool if you had a game like Dragon Age where all your team members could be actively involved in the game, and at the same time?" - Say if I were to take a group of four of the characters, as would normally be the case, and to go and do something, I could set them on the path to doing something and then switch back to the group camp in order to grab another four in order to take them off to do something ...but these groups would not be controlled automatically; no, - you could have one group on, say, border defense duties, another finding a quest item, another on a diplomatic mission for something, and so on. - Each group would be idle, frozen in time if you will, whilst you are controlling a different group, so this would basically allow more diversity into your gameplay and make it more immersive in that every member of your camp would be tied up in doing something all the time, plus interesting situations where a group may have to go to the aid of another, to retrieve the remains of others (maybe for reincarnation?), and a group could act as wall-busters for one and then go off to do something else after clearing the way, or act as a firebreak and skirmishers in a conflict border area. - You, as the player, could have full-scale war on your hands and only those you recruit, rescue, or create alliance with to hold everything in place; not to mention the groups of other players if you decide to go multi-player.


Taking it further, a group in trouble could potentially contact one of the other groups for aid or assistance, each group could also enlist new group members, create new alliances ...and, the seperate groups could be controlled single player or co-operatively - so player 1 could manage a group and, maybe, a group from player 2 and likewise with player 2 ...or you could have dozens of players managing different groups, maybe? Player 2 (or 2222, for that matter!) could have groups that are specialised in full-on battle, or hardcore infiltrators, so a mix 'n' match between co-operative players would also be possible.


In some respects it would be Elder Scrolls Unlimited with a (major) twist. - Either way, it is for whoever wants it, - I do not have the skill at present, or time, to do this ...but I sure would be happy if someone here, maybe, takes a shine to it and does something with itsmile.png .

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ok, you look new, welcome, being new, know that I'm going to treat you just like if a veteran posted this, and don't take this as this is how the community at large thinks.


Disclaimer aside,

It's easy to have ideas, putting them into action is what is hard, so if, someone was so taken with the above idea to make a whole game, then the credit would go to them., not you.


Furthermore, if your not inspired enough to make the time to learn how to put your ideas, your dreams into a reality, why do you think someone else will?And is the idea really that good if the originator doesn't  feel motivated to try?




If you were on a book writing forum, would you post an idea for a book, for someone else to make?

Your a member on a faceless member on a forum board, why would another faceless member be inspired to make you ultra happy?


If you believe in it enough, you might be able to make it one day, hell 5-6  years ago I was posting and discussing on a forum just like you, and was hoping  the big time Devs would pick up my ideas, but then I got a chance to put those ideas into action, and now I lead a similar project.


It's not easy, it's not fast, and sometimes, more often than you think, it's mot fun, but it is rewarding beyond your dreams, even if you don't succeed.


If your content to sit back, then sit back, but if you actually want to see it a reality, then figure something out, you don't have to be an artist or a coder to make it work.


I'd say, just try, maybe one day you'll have the game of your dreams, and you can say you had a direct hand in making that happen, your more capable than you think, most people are.


good luck then, whatever happens,

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