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prototype needs playtesting

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Way back in 1978 when the first boardgame microgames were starting to come out - think the classic Ogre and Illuminati, etc. - I designed a hexmap space wargame that was 3d in the sense that the board was multiple levels.


It adapted some ideas from miniature battles as well as some standard wargame concepts and was well received by playtesters but died in so poor a production that the prototype was superior to the published version.


The original game (called it Hyperwars) kept the paperwork within limits by having a cumbersome trade / colonize economic system which made 10 ships a large fleet and we never saw 15 ships in months of playtesting. It also played better as 2 player OR 4 players as two teams than a true 2-4 player game - mostly because of the diamond shaped board and the multiple attacks before your turn came around again thing.


I have been out of gaming for about 25 years now due to strange long varying work hours - and while I did some freelance web development (self-taught PHP/MySQL/Javascript) have not done that in a decade.


But now I am retired. And my copy of that old game began nagging me. For an anecdotal view of that see https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1502156/opinions-wanted-and-story-space-hexmap-wargame-2-6


It looks like all the wargamers live next town over and I have been having 0 luck finding any playtesters for this thing. Or opinions on the combat system and so forth.


Based on the existance now of both Hyperwars and Singularity as games, I already plan to rename it to In The Singularity.

Final game title: The Singularity Trap


I need to know if it is worth it to automate finishing off helpless opponents or just leave it a round at a time like rest of combat. 

    never mind, decided to keep it as is


Any opinions on putting a chat in the lobby or just use Skype or some other external chat if players not in same room?

Internal game chat function added.


The https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1502156/opinions-wanted-and-story-space-hexmap-wargame-2-6

posting has a link to the game itself to take a look at it.

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Just a final note. Since the game is version 1.0 now and I have decided to declare my work as done, no sense in checking on this post any longer.
Open Play still available till April on the website (and http://oddlings.tk - on a free web free host - is planning on keeping an open play copy - on a free host - available afterwards)
but http://thesingularitytrap.com website itself will be simply game info/intro/links, the presets demo copy, the invitational copy, and my personal online copy,
with the open play copy repurposed as an unlinked loaner copy.
(Which still leaves me with 16 databases and a ton of disk space etc to use for online easy access storage since I am actually spending a tiny - very tiny - bit of money for paid web hosting for that site)


But we are declaring development completed for this release.

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