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BorderStrain, Sandbox ARPG

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Salutations to all!


Fresh on the forum although I've been lurking for quite some time. I hope I got this in the right forum category, otherwise some kind mod out there could change it to a more suitable one sleep.png

I would like share some information about a game I'm working on as well as provide a link to the dev blog + trailer. Its not daily updated but I update progress there as soon as I feel I have something to show

So, first for the short list:









2D Sandbox ARPG

Procedually generated seedbased

Currently PC only


TCP/IP host/join currently max 5 active per server(capped for now until i worked out serv-load)

Current Status:
Early Alpha (Yes, a lot of semi placeholder graphics yet, yay... wink.png  )

Custom engine using OpenGL









About the author:
Not a programmer, not a artist, just a happy amatuer with main background in engineering/physics + some embedded systems. Ah, and also a passionate gamer! Got hooked on the exploration genre when playing Protostar (yes been a gamer for that long.. cool.png  )

Game Backstory:

Our heros are sent, by the combined effort of all their remaining civilization, to a distant world on a quest to gather a rare isotop which powers their entire civilazation back home. As the isotope decays it open micofissures to subspace which enables immense power generation, however the extremely rare material has been completely mined out and the civilization is in decline. With all its remaining energy reserves the empire sends out a few selected souls, each equipped with a one-use-only beacon back home in a final attempt to restore power to a dying world. The players are sent blindly into an alien world.

About The Project:
I'm running this project by myself as a one man project. I'm not using any premade game engine mostly because I wanted to try to build a game from scratch and see how it would pan out. As such a lot of the graphics are kinda placeholders (I'm doing the majority of all graphics myself and I'm not fast ;) ) since I do have to try to walk the line between making graphics and building the code/gameplay so please consider this in the feedback (although you are, of-course, most welcome to comment on graphics you don't really like since it would help me to focus my attention)


Main Inspiration:

My main inspiration for trying to get this done is simply to create a game I would enjoy playing. I've always been a fan of the ARPG genre as well as more "pure" RPGs. In this game I'm trying to create a combination of the ARPG genre with some crafting elements as well. I've always had a softspot for procedually generated environments so thats something I really enjoy working on. I don't have any fixed deadlines pressuring me but I do aim to get a complete version out there.

Feedback Appriciated!
As I don't really have a demo out yet (I will try to have this going soon) I would love to have some first impressions, especially I would like you to mention what in the trailer "doesn't" make you feel that enthustiastic about playing the game. Been about a year since I started the project on my freetime and I feel I'm getting a severe blindside to certain aspects in the game, so some negative feedback would be awsome (I'm a engineer otherwise during the day, I love negative feedback, keeps everything stable wink.png ) Of-course, you are more then welcome to mention parts you do find interesting as well. Also, if there are any questions regarding the game design I will do my best to explain my design philosophy/technique




Best Regards!





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