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How to make 3ds max biped pivoted at 0, 0, 0

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When starting off, the pivot is at the center of the biped, even though I try to use affect pivot only to change it,

it still bounces back to the center of the biped, the pivot of the mesh is at 0, 0, 0

The alin exporter happens to export the skins/animations and mesh correctly.

But as the biped is at 0, 1.0, 0 (the character is 2meters tall), when I play around with the IK,

I can't get the target and the end effector to align to each other.

Say the at bind pose of the left finger is at 1,0,0

Where I want it to be 1,1,0 instead.

So how can I change the pivot of the biped?



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