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[FREE for a limited time] Unity3D Made Simple: Master Fundamentals Quickly beginner course

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Hi all,
Just finished a course for beginners and thought I'd post it here.
The coupons are at the bottom of the post...
What is the course about?
This course is all about learning game development using the Unity3D Game Engine. We will be covering topics that go all the way from installing the engine, to making a character move in world, to creating very simple AI.
C# experience is recommended, but not required as I explain absolutely everything about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Although this course is mostly programming, I also take the time to go through the interface, set up basic animations in Mecanim (Unity's animation system), and use most of the commonly used windows within the interface.
There are always multiple ways to do things in game development. Because I want you to keep an open mind as to the possibilities Unity brings you, when I'm doing something that may feel repetitive, I always go about it a different way. This way you will end up getting more familiar with the engine.
Although this course is the perfect foundation to start as a Unity Developer, all learning levels should benefit from this course one way or another because of the different ways in which I approach situations. That being said, this course is meant for beginner level students.
What's included in the course?
  • 30 Lectures, 29 videos and 6 hours of content
  • All art/sound assets
  • The finalized version of the Unity Project we are going to be creating
How is the course structured?
This course is divided into 3 sections.
The first section is all about learning your way through the engine. In this section, I show you where to go to install the engine, go through the commonly used windows in the interface, and talk about terminology Unity Developers use on a day-to-day basis.
The second section is about creating the player's and all the enemies' behaviors in game. There are a total of 3 enemies (robots, laser fences, and security cameras).
The third section is about finalizing the environment by adding sounds and a few other things that bring the environment to life. In this section, we'll also be making a build of the application for use by the end user.
What should you expect by the end of the course?
By the end of the course, you will be armed with the knowledge necessary to feel confident/comfortable when using the engine for your own projects. Learning new things within the engine should be very easy at this point.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to reply as soon as possible.
Note: All videos where recorded in 1080p. In order to take advantage of this level of quality, make sure you have 1080p as the selected quality in the video player
It would mean a lot to me if once you complete the course you take a couple of minutes to also rate it clear.png
To get the course for free, follow this link (expires 02/10/2016; only while supplies last)
If the above coupon has already expired, you can still get the course heavily discounted (50% off) by following this link
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You posted it today, but all the coupons are already used o_O



The discount is also 17%. Not 50%.

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