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[java] variable access question

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im having trouble accessing a variable in another class, you would think the following code would work but it doesnt. getTrack is in a class, and getTrack just returns a private integer. all i want to do is set the private variable in getTrack to 0 myTracks[x].getTrack()=0;

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Guest Anonymous Poster
It does not work because the getTrack method returns a copy of the private integer. Take a look at the code:

int y = someObject.getTrack(); // copies your private integer into y
y = 0; // changes the value of y, but does not affect any values in someObject

The correct way to achieve the result you want is to add a setTrack method to the same class as the getTrack method. So if the private integer that getTrack returns is called track, then such a method would look like this:

public void setTrack(int n) {
track = n;

and your code would look like:


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