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Construct Angelscript object in memory

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I would like to construct a user defined Angelscript type (defined in a script file) in a pre-allocated memory buffer, using the type name and a parameter list. For example:

// In Angelscript
class SomeClass
    SomeClass(int a, int b)

    int value;

Then the type name and some construction parameters are passed in from some other text file. Something like this:


"SomeClass", "(2, 5)"


Then I will allocate memory according to size of SomeClass

asUINT uiSize = pkEngine->GetObjectTypeByName("SomeClass")->GetSize();
// allocate some memory

Am I able to call the constructor "SomeClass(2, 5)" in that memory location? Do I need to know the parameter types?


Edit: GetObjectTypeByName("SomeClass") is not working actually; SomeClass does not seem to be recognised as an object type. If I iterate over all types, it is only picking up types I have registered through the c++ api.

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I figured out that I need to find the type within the module I loaded the scripts into:

asUINT uiSize = pkEngine->GetModule("Module")->GetObjectTypeByName("SomeClass")->GetSize();

I found a couple of functions that might allow me to create a default constructed object, and then copy it to my buffer. But this does not let me call a non-default constructor.

void* pvObject = pkEngine->CreateScriptObject(type);
pkEngine->AssignScriptObject(pvMemory, pvObject, type);
pkEngine->ReleaseScriptObject(pvObject, type);

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